The Proper Reaction

Before last night’s game Charles Roberts basically guaranteed a victory saying that we were 0-4 and should be 0-6 when they’re done with us.

Winnipeg ran a designed play to get Milt the record and didnt try to do it within the context of the game… Congratulations for executing the play but any other week Glenn could have taken it in himself.

Winnipeg then tries a FG with no time on the clock from 53 yards, but what made it classless is that they knelt down the play before… almost like the Field Goal was an afterthought.

Charlie Taaffe gave Doug Berry a piece of his mind when they came to shake hands, im sure he told him what he thought of that decision… and lets face it, theres a time to get more points for tiebreakers and a time where it looks stupid.

What am I getting at?

Winnipeg made every possible attempt to beat us up, to insult our team and make them look like children… Charlie Taaffe stood up for his men by calling Berry out for the Classless Idiot he has proven himself to be time and time again (Look no further than his reaction on Montreal last year). The time is this week for our team to take this to heart and not accept it, this is a young team that can USE this to their advantage. Thats the Proper Reaction. These players should watch the film and read the papers for as much of this stuff as they can get. Winnipeg not only beat us, but they attempted to embarrass us in every way possible.

As for the fans? Do parents know what its like to see your child get beat up? Held down and pushed around? Thats what we feel like as fans, that our team is being bullied. Whats the proper reaction to this? We should be there to avenge them next week… by doing this we show Winnipeg and the rest of the CFL that we stand by our team but most of all, we show our young inexperienced team that we are not giving up as fans. We should be as loud as possible and shock the hell out of Doug Brown and Doug Berry when they walk out of that locker room and realize it isnt Milt’s night anymore,… its our backyard.

We asked for change, we asked for a new coaching staff and we got it. We asked for players players up and down to be cut, traded and moved, we got it.

Do i agree with everything this team has done? Do i agree with everything Coach Taaffe has done? Do I even LIKE our GM? Not at all… but the point is, the Proper Reaction is to look past the score and see that unlike the past 2 years this team has improved in each game it has played this year and eventually this team will break out. I dont know about you but when it happens I plan on being there.

As a fan? I feel thats the proper reaction. Enough with the cut, trade, bring back threads and look deep enough to see that this is going to be a solid team when they finally put it together.

Good points and great post.

We, as fans should show up next week to give Winnipeg an earful. Time and time again it’s said by the opposing teams how loud and intimidating IWS is.

Do I wanna be there when this ship turns around? You bet I’ll be there. It’s just matter of time, and when it happens it’s gonna be great.

The boycotters will be back, but they’ll have missed being part of the turnaround, but I think they’re ok with that.

As Crash has noted this team is not regeressing, it is improving. Despite the 5 losses, there is cause for optimism.

Remember, that last two games were road games.

We’re coming home to a team that is very beatable. Bring 'em on.

I’ll be ready and I’m bringing a dozen or so first time tailgaters, and many of those are first time IWS attendees. It’s gonna be a blast!

Right on Crash. Post of the year.

What I think we should do is see that noise meter they had at Canad Inn Stadium (how stupid a name is that anyway) as a challenge. Do we really believe that stadium is louder than IWS? We need to blow that meter off the scale and remind the league who the best and loudest fans are.

And who shall this team beat.After all is the playoffs to much to ask in year 4 of the 5 year plan.These sorts of successes are reminescient of Stalin's 5 year plans and their achievements.

Great post Crash!

Ock, it's actually Canad Inns Stadium.

You do realize that Canad Inns is a chain of hotels, and that they bought the naming rights to the stadium quite some time ago?

Oh... and good post, Crash.

I disagree that the Bombers coach did the kneel down play followed by a FG to embarrass us.
The kneel down play took time off the clock so they could kick a last seconds field goal leaving no time on the clock for a kickoff.

Smart time management .
As to your emotional call to support our team and Taaffes' short possible verbal confrontation with Berry ,good for attendance ,creating interest in the rematch and for untiting our guys as one team against the Bombers.

Congratulations to Milt,great game !
Glad it's over and yes too bad we took you off of our negotiation list way back then!Major dumb move !

I disagree that the Bombers coach did the kneel down play followed by a FG to embarrass us. The kneel down play took time off the clock so they could kick a last seconds field goal leaving no time on the clock for a kickoff.
Why kneel then? Us scoring is no longer an issue so why not run the ball and get it closer? Why not throw a short pass or 2... or better yet? why not go deep if scoring is the main objective.

they knelt, basically saying game over, then proceeded to kick a field goal.

they were surprised we made it such a close game and wanted to nail it down... call it what you want but at the end of the day off of this should be used to our advantage this week.

This is a huge game for us, young guys starting to make enemies, they played twice in the preseason and these guys are gonna want to get their first win at home to restore some faith... and I believe they can do it.

Quit whinning We got thumped fair and square

It's true they are a good team with a better defence ,better offence by far on the night in Winnipeg.

But we can beat them at Ivor Wynn Friday night,it seems too late ,but we can beat them.

Very good post Crash, and I agree with you.

When we started making lots of changes in the off-season, I was one who said I'd consider it a successful season if we try hard each game, and play competitively. I felt making the playoffs would be an unlikely bonus. I still feel the same way, and I am satisfied we are making progress with our new, young, enthusiastic players and good coaches. I look forward to the fruits of our labours in a couple of years.

I am with you Crash. Let’s be vocal, let’s be loud.

Let’s show our disdain towards Winnipeg right from the get-go.

and let’s keep up a constant barrage of boos and catcalls
throughout the whole stadium and behind them in the stands.

but it is equally as important to show our appreciation
for the gutsy efforts they put in the last 2 games.

as soon as our team step on the field.

They have earned it.

and let’s all cheer loudly in the whole stadium
every single time positive yards are gained.

Thats exactly what i mean... the last 2(3) weeks the team has done something last years team didnt do... give us something to cheer for.

Lets show them we appreciate it, and we see them coming along.... that could be the difference Friday night.

I'm still wearing the paper bag if Maas starts. The rest of the team has my whole hearted support

Hopefully we won't have a repeat of what happened in '97 when two fans wearing paper bags met two fans carrying bic lighters.

If not for the dozen or so fans that helped stomp out the flames those guys may have gotten seriously burned.

I hope the Bic boys were arrested and charged with aggravated assault

Nope...the bag boys couldn't point them out...they had bags on their heads.

They did try and charge the helpers for hitting them long after the bags came off but most onlookers seem to agree that there may have been smoldering embers and better safe than sorry.

Seems you are telling wild untrue stories. I'll ignore you

Gee ya think? Yer pretty quick.

Mr. President, our sarcasm detector has gone off the charts! What do we do!?!

PS: Right on, Crash. I'll be cheering on the west coast, if that helps at all.