The 'program guy' at the Rogers Centre has died

For anybody who attended very many games at Rogers Centre this is sad news that I had not heard about until today.

[url=] ... an-is-dead[/url]

"Programs! Programs here! Get your program here!"

He'll be missed.

Here is a pic of the guy. Unfortunately he is not selling programs in this picture - but that is what I will always remember him for at every game in Toronto. As you approached or entered CNE Stadium, Maple Leaf Gardens, the Rogers Centre, the ACC for any game - Leafs, Jays, Argos etc. he would be one of the first people you would see at almost every game hawking programs for close to 40 years!

Then once well into the game you would often see him hustling around the stadium or arena - almost always in shorts - hawking the team's souvenirs.