The Prodigal Son - Updated....

"Bob Young had some grown running backs and the younger came to him and said, 'Give me my release now.' So Bob let loose the the younger running back.

"Soon after this the younger running back took everything Bob had given him and went away to a distant country.

"Just as he became destitute and could not even make the practice squad the young man began to starve. So he offered himself out to any other team's that would take him, and no answers for his talents were forthcoming.

"Finally he had learned his lesson and it came to him to return to Bob, 'Bob's lowliest servants have food in abundance and here I'm starving to death. I will go back to Bob and tell him, "Bob, I have sinned against the Ti-Cats and before you; I am no longer worthy to be called your player. Please take me on as one of your hired servants."'

"So he returned home and while he was still far down the road Bob saw him and recognized him and was full of compassion and mercy. He excitedly ran out to meet him and hugged and kissed him. The running back said, 'Bob, I have sinned against the Ti-Cats and before you; I am no longer of fit character to be called your #1 running back.'

"But Bob told his coaching assistants, "Go and fetch the best helmet and jersey and clothe him. Go and prepare a banquet; we will have a feast and celebrate, for this my running back who was dead is alive again - he was lost but now is found.'

"The elder running backs had been working on the practice field and as they came home they heard the music and saw the dancing. They asked one of the coaching assistants what was going on and was told, 'That Lumsden guy has returned home and Bob has killed the fatted calf and is celebrating his safe return.'

"But the elder running backs became angry and would not join in the celebration, so Bob came out and begged them to come in and celebrate.

"The elder running backs said, 'Bob, we have served you faithfully for many games and have done everything you ever asked us to do, but you have never even given us a young goat so we could celebrate with the linebackers, but here this Lumsden, who has squandered your invites before, returns and you kill the fatted calf for him.'

Bob answered them, 'Yeah, pretty much, so suque it up buttercup and get ready for a trade.'"

...and the trade will be Holmes of the Ti-Cat bretheren ...going back to Sask.....and Ranek shuffled off to ....who knows where.... :lol:

Amen.......Sept 19 is right around the corner, ironic they signed him 7 days before the deadline.

Hilarious. Magical. Priceless.

Nice work, Red.....

But really, the elder running backs had only been part of the tribe for 2/3 of a season.... hardly enough time to feel they deserve better treatment, imo.

I hope the riders don't trade for Holmes this year, we can sign him as a free agent next year without giving anything up.... he can probably get the money that Crandell was taking this year as I see absolutely no reason why they'd keep him around.

Funny post Red. :smiley:

I didn't see it yet...Lumsden has signed with the Ti-Cats again?

It was on the radio this morning.

Good post Red. jm02 should give you an A for English composition!

You could trade Curry. He's on the trading block anyways, and getting Holmes for him would be a major Riders gain. If you wait till next season, others will make offers too... And Holmes might chose to be a starter in Ottawa rather than becoming second to Keith again.

you have to be in pretty good darn shape to be a starting runningback and a kick returner and do both effectively, these pro football players are freaks i tell you, freaks

I thought we got rid of Curry..... like just flat out released him. Might be wrong tho.... if Holmes wants to be a starter in Ottawa tho, he may choose that regardless of whether he's traded to the Riders or not. (I really wanted to say here, as that's how I think, but seeing as I don't live in Saskatchewan, it makes it tough to say that and not confuse the issue....)

Yes, Curry was given his outright release a couple weeks ago.....and can Saskatchewan even make a trade for Holmes? I thought I heard about a new clause in the SMS wherein a player could not be traded back to the original team within the same year.....however, Holmes is a FA at the end of the season.....

Monkey I would bet that Holmes will end up in Argoland!

Is this a Prophetic utterance. :smiley:

Well DB, the Argo’s will be in the market once Ricky heads back south and I think Holmes would fit nicely there do you not think so!

I'd take him over Stokes any day...but Cory will be 31 next year an age when RB's start start to slow down a bit. He would be a great spot player however. I can't see anyone breaking the bank for him however unless its Ottawa if they're in next year.

Are you serious DB, Edmonton, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg would all kill to get a guy like Holmes.