The Problem?

The problem with this season has to starts with Glenn/Taman without a question....

Taman goes out and gives Glenn what he wants (contract wise) and Glenn comes out plays like garbage if we would have let him play-out the contract and prove him-self i guarantee you that we'd be at least 2-2.

Look at it this way too by that same stupid move we now see our selves in a injury problem with little cap space due to glenn big raise.

What we need to do is trade Glenn for anything get some cap space so make a trade to Hamilton for Williams or make a trade to BC for Pierce.

And if we can ship him away this will give us the ability to pick up some one like Brian Clark to step in simpsons spot for the time being and possibly even bring Bolden back to fill in for Bean.

I think maybe the team as a whole has just given up on their coach. His antics during the games is deplorable and degrading to the team. I agree with you on requiring another QB as Glen has lost all confidence. Get something for him before you just cut him is my opinion.