The problem with THF

There are several hundred - that hang out in the public areas. There are several thousand who just never showed. And probably another 2,000 or so who were at the game were long gone by the time there was five minutes left in the game.

At most there were only about 17,000 - 18,000 there for the overtime.

I get that people have the choice to leave early or not show up. But it still to me is too bad from an intimidating home field advantage perspective. Thousands of empty seats don't intimidate anybody as much as a packed stadium does.

Hi there.

I always appreciate reading and considering the opinions here but this is my first time posting, because this is something that's been on my mind for quite some time.

Recently, when I went to swap some tickets that there's an option to donate them. I'm not sure what the rules are or how far in advance that can be done but there have been a couple of times that we ended up with extra tickets, for one reason or the other, and I couldn't give them away. I spent an entire Saturday chasing down everyone I know and making my daughters do the same thing. I was still texting people on the way to the game and it was driving me crazy because I have no doubt there is somebody close by that would have loved to have them and I hated to see them wasted.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you have enough time in advance, contact the Tiger cat office and see if they know of a charity that could distribute them....or the staff therecould do it for you??

I'll never understand why people go to a football game to "hang out" as opposed to you know, actually watching the football game in the seat that they paid for.

Just read an interesting article on Little Caesers Arena. The lower bowl wss constructed to avoid as much casual view from the concourse as possible. The idea is to have the fans get back to their seats as wuick as possible to show and no doubt hear the sea of red. Either THF is ahead of its time or behind. There are tons of posts snd posters that talk about being loud amd the 13th man yada yada. Aint happening if half the place is hanging out yaking. IWS was much louder and intimidating then THF. Just saying do you go to hang out or to support the team. Cant suck and blow.

Ivor wynne also had 7000 more people in it...

That were on their seats.

Actually 5,400. Ivor Wynne held 29,600 vs 24,200 at THF.

In a close game - probably 27,000 - 28,000 were in their seats ROARING late in a game at IWS. These days at THF fewer than 20,000 are in their seats late in a game and many seem somewhat indifferent. The difference has got to be obvious to visiting teams.

If any of you are also Bills fans who go to games at New Era Field - you would know the lack of noise and people in the seats at key late moments in the games now at THF is actually kind of pathetic in comparison to the insane scenes you can get at close Bills games. These days - there is absolutely NO comparison in terms of home field advantage noise. It isn't even remotely close. It is actually kind of embarassing to be honest - and I'm saying this as a fan of both teams.

Guilty as charged. I like to walk around for about a quarter, to watch the game from different angles. Also I like to feel the culture of the fans in different sections. I often run into fans that haven’t seen in a while or someone from high school days.
For Riders game, I got tickets from a friend on the opposite stands; was cool to watch the game from a different perspective.
(I did not realize I was offending so many people)

Actually for the most part Ivor Wynne had 7000less people in it. 8)

You could buy seats in several sections and sit.

Don't feel guilty, the stadium was designed for people to walk around and congregate on the concourses. In Ottawa they have the patio in the end zone where people can stand around tables drink and have fun.
At THF and TDPlace you are encouraged to stand around.
A group of guys going to a football game and standing around having fun that's great. There was nothing worse than being stuck on an uncomfortable bench at IWS trying to talk to your buddy who was 4 seats down!! Or standing up and people behind telling you to sit down.
The benches at IWS were laid out in the 1950s/60s, 50 people per bench that should have seated 30 people.

Don't be put off by some of the old timers on here, most probably couldn't walk around the stadium anyway and can't stand for long periods.

I do see where some may feel the new digs takes away from the atmosphere and also the players. They see the fans and feed off them. I personally like THF but do wish more would watch the game from their seats, especially in a close and important game where the 13th man becomes a factor.

Unfortunately the 13th man is gone at THF.

Looking back on things... I think that 150 million that THF cost would have been better spent on restoring IWS. They could have pimped it out like crazy for 150M.

That was the original plan, right? I mean the plan after the original plan and like 5 other ones went wrong, was the compromise solution to rebuild Ivor Wynne. Then the designers figured out there was enough in the budget to tear down and build from scratch if they did it really, really cheap.

I don't understand why people would want to stand around and chat at a football game either but the lounge areas are popular and if it sells tickets and expensive beers to keep the team profitable I'm all for it. You can bet this was all based on market research and the changing demographics of CFL fans. Even among the young hipsters I know it seems like there's more of a buzz around Ticat games than there used to be. Hopefully that translates into an appreciation for the game and a new generation of CFL fans.

  1. The design of the concrete slabs at IWS wouldn't have accommodated modern seats, which was the biggest upgrade it needed.

  2. A "restoration" couldn't have made it possible to add club and suite levels, which are huge moneymakers for the team.

Any so-called restoration really would have had to amount to a rebuild, at which point it just becomes a question of how ambitious the rebuild is going to be.

If my memory serves me, I believe the south stands were near terminal as the steel beams supporting them were non salvageable.
I think at one point the estimate to try and restore them was $50mil , so for the same $$ by the city we got a new stadium. I like THF and for the life of me can’t understand all the continuous whining about its design. I had ST at IWS since 1972 and for most of my time had backs on my seats. If someone big sat beside me that was over 159 lbs, I felt like a sardine being packed into my seat. THF is sooooo much more comfortable. We got lucky with the PanAm games.

Its nice. Its comfortable. Way too many stairs. It was Pan Ams party so take it or leave it. Not sure how much say the T C had on the design if any. I would like like to see a 20 to 25 row of elevated seats across the south end zone. They can begin 10 feet above the stipely with no set back from the current patio. Make it steep like Seattle and have an elevated walkway on top that serves as a go between from east side to eest with no stairs and have another browsing area or bar on top. Like the westjet flight deck. Can we get this for Grey Cup.