The problem with THF

Last night the attendance was announced as 24,067, which is only about 130 short of a sellout, yet the seats on TV never looked more than half full. The roam around and stand in the concourse culture of THF makes the Ticats look like they have no real support, when in fact they sellout virtually every game.

Honestly… do people actually pay to watch football, then just wander around like they’re at a mall? Show some respect for the game and pay attention to it.

THF’s design seems to encourage fans to wander, rather than actually watch the game. Our A.D.D. culture is bad enough as it is, and we don’t need more distractions than we already have.

What do you guys think?

I'm too old to wander. I paid for a seat, I sit

What you said?

This is the way modern stadiums are built. Lots of places to meet friends and congregate.

People pay for a ticket to the game and can do what they want while in attendance.

They pay for a football ticket so they can do what they want??? That makes no sense at all. You can do what you want without buying a thing. If you want to hangout with friends, then congregate at one of your houses, or go to a bar. Why buy a football ticket to hangout with friends when you can do that for free?

I guess this is what happens when you allow senseless people to have freedom. Since they don't in fact know how to properly exercise freedom.

Now when people actually need to use the concourse for things like going to the washroom, or buying some food or drink item, they have a sea of roaming idiots (not in their seats) to wade through. Yeah... a great use of freedom. Being invasive to others.

I was at the game last night and in my estimation there was nowhere near 24,000+ in attendance .
There was way more empty seats than fans that were supposedly on the concourse and in the party zones . In fact I would hazard a guess that the actual attendance at the game (bums in the seats and elsewhere) wasn't even close to 20,000 .

When you get free or discounted tickets of course you don't worry about the game.

Watch just a bit of this game but I was shocked at the number of empty seats. Probably 12 - 14,000 empty throughout the game. There is no way the concourses would have that many people in them as they could not handle that amount at once. I would surmise there was 4-5000 at most on the concourses and about 5,000 or more no-shows.

I was talking about this during the game. I like the old dump. Everyone was at there seats. Mostly for fear of catching some infection from the dirtiness.

The Coors Banquet bar east side is packed from 1/2 time to the end people don't even bother going back to their seats ?!

There wasn't near a sellout last night. But it's paid attendance vs door attendance. We have a group of 14 and only 8 game.

I'm sure that happens around the stadium.

Doesn't really matter to me. Sell out or not I'm there. Attendance has been an issue around this team many times.... far worse than this. So I'm not sure what the big deal is.

According to ticketmaster there were only a couple hundred of tickets left

Why do you care? As long as they came to THF and are spending money to help keep our franchise afloat then who cares?

Yeah sure some of those people are bimbos who just stare at their i-phones while soliciting their friends to like their latest selfie. But if they're going to buy a ticket and nachos then they can stand on the concourse all they want.

Such a lovely thought.

Ummm ... Hail Hydra, I guess?

There is no problem with THF. The ticket holder has several options where they can stand or sit. No big deal.

this thread is awesome....

and definitely the result of being provided too much freedom. ;D ;D ;D

no one wants to go to an Argos game...and the attendance at BMO shows it. Argos work so hard to get folks "through" the gate....

Hamilton has 10K+ casual fans go to the game where, based this season's results, can be a tough challenge....These fans have fun....even though the Ticats are losing...

Yet, they are the bad fans. Too much freedom for sure!

(Bob, thanks for making it fun to go to a Cats game, even when they are losing)

Those who have paid for their ticket have a right to enjoy their time however they see fit, as long as they aren't taking away from someone else's pleasure.

I would rather have them up in the concourse or elsewhere then walking or standing in front of me constantly obstructing my view of the game.

This occurred during both home stands I attended near the end of last season. The beer walkers (all 5 of them) were so annoying, I had to change rows just so that I could see what I paid for.

That nonsense bothers me A LOT more than seeing some empty seats in the stands.

Great point...This problem is not only at Ottawa it's a joke...I have season tickets on the south side 2 steps from the concourse. It takes about 25 minutes to get a beer & another 20 if you need to use the washroom. Forget about doing anything at half time, because you can't. The wanders & cheap seats or standing room people spend the whole game milling around the concourse...the service people never get a chance to serve us in our seats because they are kept busy with the stand year I have decided that if I can't beat them then I'm joining them for 20% of the cost I pay now!

The parking lots were busy, there were lots of walkers, and the traffic going home was congested. I'd say there was a good crowd. We have been down this road so many time in the past, we're starting to sound like Trump and his Inauguration crowd estimates. Although I personally don't get it, many people seem to prefer to pay admission and then buy $10.00 drinks and stand in a damp and dingy concrete warren to watching the game live. Up to them, and my only problem is when they congregate around the washroom doors and block access. But that is up to the stadium staff to correct, not the fans.