The problem with Ottawa

Here is my input on what I think the problem in Ottawa is. This is not about Palmer group or anything, it is about the people. And to all those Renegade fans I thank you for supporting them.

I know a lot of people who live in Ottawa and i can easily tell this is not a football city. What people talk about in Ottawa are the Senators, Senators and more Senators.(No, not the politicians, I'm talking about the hockey team).

It's sad to say, but I think the league has to turn the page on Ottawa if these deals don't work out. I am perfectly aware that it might have been a bit unfair that the CFL would put such a high franchise fee.(And I find this very weird because they will soon be getting a very lucrative TV agreement).

What I think the CFL fans across Canada want to hear from the CFL BOG is that they will be activement looking for new markets. And no this does not mean "Examine the landscape and come up with new stadium costs". It meens Talking with local governments and setting up polls in cities and lots of advertisement and seeing wich cities react best to all of it.

Maybe, just maybe, the CFL could think again about Frank D'Angelo. Anyways, its his money being lost if the Renegades go to dust again.

i agree, except I would venture as far to say that they aren't much of a hockey town either. The last few years of decent crowds have more to do with the sens kicking ass than anything else. I'm wondering what the attendance will be like if/when they start s.ucking again. Maybe the same attendance as a flames first-round playoff game in the early 90's I would guess.