The problem with Higgins' explaination!

Here is part of the explanation give by Tom Higgens
after the pages were sent to four on-field officials instructing them to stop play, whistles did blow during the play, before it had concluded with Montreal in the end zone
Watch the video, no whistles blew during the play. I posted from where the official is telling Trestman that there should be 1 minute left on the clock

There were no whistles until well after Cobourne is in the end zone AND has given the ball back to the official

[url=] ... =reset.flv[/url]

Someone pointed out that you can hear whistles while the Als are in the huddle, actually you hear them just after the official finishes telling Trestman "1 minute" These are not the officials whistles, They are from the stands. The refs don't blow short double blasts, the blow rapid multiple times.....Even Higgins makes no mention of it

Now why the review in the first place?

Again from the explanation

At that point, both the Supervising Official at the stadium and the replay official in the Command Centre at the league office, connected by phone, felt the score clock should have been set at 1:05, not 1:00, remaining. The Supervising Official sent a page for that reason to the on-field officials, intending to halt the proceedings before the next play started, so the clock could be adjusted. The on-field Referee informed them that the field clock was correct, as the BC Head Coach had taken a time-out at the 1:00 mark.
Here is the problem that HIggins never addressed

From the rule book page 72

[url=] ... k_2009.pdf[/url]

Page 72

NOT REVIEWABLE PLAYS These include, but are not limited to: ??Proper down ??Status of the clock ??Penalty calls and their Administration ??Forward progress not relating to a first down or goal line ??Force outs on pass plays near a sideline ??Recovery of loose ball in the field of play ??Field Goals

Situations involving the clock; penalty administration; spotting the ball other than for
first down; etc. are not reviewable.

They not only screw up by
A) Attempting to stop the play
B) Disallowing the play before it was discussed
The ref said "There was no play, it is under review!" He simply should have said the play is under review, discussed with the supervising officials that the clock was right and then announced that the Touchdown stands.

There should never have been a review in the first place because


To my mind, what happened on Friday night is an embarrassment to the league and to every one of us CFL fans, regardless of who we cheer for. Losses happen. I accept that. And there is no way to know whether my Als would have won the game even if we'd tied it up (we could have still lost in regulation or OT). But it is a flat-out travesty how things went down. No communication between command center and officials, and worse, no frickin clue about what is and is not a reviewable play. We were, quite frankly, robbed of a critical game-tying TD. That whole sequence was a gong show from start to finish. The league needs to invest more money in the command center and the officiating crews. Can you imagine if this had been a playoff game or a late-season game with a playoff berth on the line?

Let us not forget there was going to be a holding penalty being called. This makes this play moot anyway, so why the fuss. If anything, it gave Montreal the advantage by having it 3rd and 1 again instead of 3rd and 11.

Where is everyone getting this holding?
There was no holding. it was offside BC

It was even quoted by posters who heard it from the BC media

No, the call was going to be offside B.C.

Agreed. A complete clown show all the way around that robbed the Al’s TWICE! That was a great game for 59 minutes and for it to be spoiled in that manner at the close is inexcusable. I have no idea how Trestman kept his cool throughout that debacle.

Can't say that I see the problem here ?

The replay booth started paging the officials before the play got off. Play should then be halted.

There was no holding call , but there was actually holding on Brent Johnson who was pulled down by his arm to prevent him from getting into the play . So perhaps this was an unintetional way of thigs evening themselves out . Had the correct holding call been made instead of the thing we saw , there wold be no discussion about this happening .

The problem is twofold.

  1. Play should never have been halted because Higgins acknowledges that the time on the clock was the correct time. The officials were paged for no reason.

  2. Because the officials didn’t get the page in time, the play was allowed to proceed, and as such, it was not subject to review (as ro pointed out, clock issues are non-reviewable).

So not only did the command center completely eff things up by seeing a mistake that wasn’t there, but the officials effed things up further by nullifying a play that was not subject to such a nullification.

On defense of the officials here, this was one of those games they are not used to in the sense that there was a pretty decent crowd in the dome that caused a lot of noise, not like the old days when the dome was near packed all the time and the officials were used to the crowd noise and probably planned more for it. It caught them off guard and regardless of if mistakes were made or not, the power of the 13th man came through, if I'm a Lions fan at the game, I'm patting myself on the back big time. Kudos, they did their job and they knew what they were doing could upset things. And coupled with a new system they are using this year. A pure recipe for something like this to happen eventually.

Nonsense. At least two B.C. players are seen lining up offside prior to the ball snap. The call was going to be offside B.C.

The whole sequence was as bad an example of CFL officiating incompetence as I've ever seen.

There is no possible defense of the officials, because crowd noise doesn't change the fact that they overturned a play despite having NO LEGAL BASIS for doing so. Clock issues are not reviewable following a play. The Montreal TD should have stood and had no business being overturned.

There are two groups at fault here: the command center for paging the officials over a phantom mistake (the clock reset), and the officials for robbing us of a TD after the fact in the face of the rules.

Disagree, it comes down to whether or not the page was sent before the play got off. Not when the officials on field responded to it. Like it or not, that is how it goes.

Well, I hear ya discipline and you are right if what you're saying is correct.

The on-field officials did not err.

This was proven before the article by Higgins.

Furthermore, Tom has said that whistles were sounded before the TD was scored.

Even if you don't like it, that's too bad. The correct procedure was followed.

It's not because Higgins takes the blame that means this game was well officiated. Everyone I've talked to who have seen this game agree it was the worst officiating they can remember.

And why was the whistle blown, again ?

I imagine that the whistle was blown because a pager went off.

And then ? Why does the pager going off cause a whislte ? When an official see's something he throws a flag, pager should result in the same. You hear the page , you throw the flag. Anything else is stupid.

You clearly don't understand the bigger picture of the purpose of each device: flags and pagers, and how officials use them.

The point that you are missing piggy, is that the pager never should have gone off because the status of the clock is not reviewable