The problem with Damon Allen...

He is not tall enough to look over the offensive line and see downfield.

And he no longer has the speed to be an effective scrambler.

Add to that his broken finger, and you have a problem.

What should the Argos do?

Like my other posts TIMH, the answer is Bishop. He must start next week.

How can you, after 20 something years and 70,000 yards passing yards start to say that Allen is not tall enough to see over the line :roll:

lol agreed

Honestly, I think the D is mostly to blame for the lose tonight, the O did ok, and RW had a great game as well, just Calgary’s D was better.

KK don't agree. The offense stunk, Damon couldn't throw down field(forget the TD as it was out of reach) and there was no rythym. There were way too many two and outs and which meant the D was out way too long and got overly tired.
The offense and Damon need a shake. A spark I keep saying, Bishop.

well, it's a difficult decision for the Argos indeed, since is a bad time of the season to be giving backups exp. I mean, they have the playoff spot well within reach, so that's not a big factor, but the next few games will determine who gets the bye, the home field advantage, and who is the visitor.

Do you go with your starer who IMO is not bad, but not good either, or take a chance with the backup?

and I say that depending on you opponent and situation coming up (if you lose, will it still be a factor in the above scenario?) coming up, you should stick with your starter.

....Calgary took away the deep ball threat and the run game was more or less contained, but the nickel and dime spots were for the most part left open....who is calling TO's offensive game plan these days? They clearly missed this area to pick on....when DA did utilize these open pockets they moved the ball well....just my two bits....

Exactly again the Stamps defense is not getting credit for shutting down a good offense. Did you know that their big receivers did not get a reception until the fourth quarter! Thats when a chorous of Eggos Egggoooos! happened and here I always thought it was Argoooos! But anyway why in the world would you want to take Damon out and put Bishop in is beyond me. I thought Damon was not the problem it was the receivers inability to get open. Calgarys DB's had great coverage all night!

Eggggoooooo! Eggggggooooos! Priceless! got to love that chant!

Their problem is Ricky Williams, not a talent issue but a chemistry issue. They came in with an agenda to run the ball everytime on first down which got their O out of sync. If they would just forget that Ricky is back there and just run their normal game plan then they will be fine.

Damon didn’t make that many mistakes.

Some of his passes weren’t caught and they should have been.

There was one play where he had an opening to run the ball, like he did on a previous play, to get the first down, but he chose to pass instead.

But, other than that, I don’t think you can blame the loss on him alone.

Allen's calling his own plays these days.

Michael Bishop has had his chance. Argos lose next game and every one if he starts. Allen is the starter. As far as height goes, the greatest CFL player of all time (Flutie) had no problem. Damon Allan scambled for 20 yards in one play last night, ducked and dodged lots of would be Wynn/Bishop sacks. The point is there was penalties, protection issues, coverage issues, many things on offense and would only be worse with our backup qb in there.

And on a sour grapes note, the Argonauts special teams is a non issue thanks to the fact the CFL has eliminated the return game. This was their bread n butter whenever they were struggling, a big return would put them back in it, but not anymore. You can't block anyone anymore and why can't a lineman block downfield?? All these rules just limit and restrict scoring. Sour grapes, I know.

Clearly The Stampeders were a WAY better team last night, and it showed. I don’t think the Argo’s could have won that game, period. Doesn’t matter who plays.

It just means someone from the west will win the Grey Cup!

Regardless of this discussion, the Bombers will lose again today. They are finished KK, admit it!!!
Troy Westwood for Canadian Idol!!!

If that was true why did JR Ruffin run one for 81 yards!

Well even the Argos have managed to score one yes one TD punt return this year. Yeah you can break the odd one now and again but I think there have been like only 2 TD returns this year compared to over 20 last year. Quite honestly its boring and it really hurts a team like the Argos.

Y a it does put a damper on the special teams a bit but it seems Calgary has figured it out because they have been getting good returns in the last few games. Contact Craig Dickenson it seems he has figured it out!

didn't see the game today did ya? Bombers are still mightily and flying high!

all together now!

See the Blue Bombers fly up, up!
to win the Grey Cup!
Our boys play this grand old game
and are always striving for fortune and fame!
See the Blue Bombers fly up, up!
the others teams they don't fear
They may try their best
but the can't contest
as the Bombers fly up!