Is the Calgary player correct re the Printer's effect? Here is the article, PRINTERS FALLOUT: It seems not everyone in the CFL was pleased to hear quarterback Casey Printers signed a four-year, $1.6-million deal with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats last week.

Calgary Stampeders defensive lineman Randy Chevrier made some interesting comments about Printers in his column Tuesday in the Calgary Sun. Writing the piece in the form of a letter to Printers, Chevrier began by outlining the differences that exist in the CFL today compared to when Printers last played in the league in '05, most notably the existence of a $4.05-million salary cap and the impact big salaries like Printers' have on teams.

"You see, Casey, in order to make room for your type of salary ($1.6 million for three years), guys making middle-of-the-pack money will no longer be kept around on rosters as they were in the past," Chevrier wrote. "There will be a lot of player turnover, as those guys will be released in favour of younger guys playing at minimum CFL salary ($39,000).

"But, alas, such is football life in the new CFL."

And Chevrier penned an interesting conclusion to his letter.

"Finally, Casey, I hope you are up for the challenge," he said. "Hamilton needs you now more than ever.

"They have great fans and are starving for a winner. I just hope they did not spend too much on you and left nothing to help improve your supporting cast. Well, good luck with that project and we'll see you in two weeks."

Then, Chevrier signed the letter, "Hope to sack you soon, Chevy."

Welcome to the NFL... LMAO

The SMS, which operates more as a luxury tax, forces teams to make hard decisions on how their teams will be configured unless owners are willing to lose money through penalties, draft picks, etc.

Printers's contract may very well change the optics of signing bonuses, although the $400-450K per season base pay is in line with what Ricky Ray is hauling in with the Esks.

The SMS is supposed to level the playing field in the league through applying financial pressure to teams to conform to a certain salary total. The Cats had to level the playing field by finally getting their hands on a marquee QB that gives them a shot at being competitive every game. Don't begrudge the Tiger-Cats for getting that necessity!

Oski Wee Wee,

Maybe he should write a "letter" to the rest of the league regarding the SMS. Maybe something to the effect of not going over it since we're one of the only teams that were under it.

why all the hate on printers, he didnt create the SMS, he didnt hold bob young by his ankles and demand 400 k per year.


Mediocre Players of the World, Unite!

  • Chevrier, 2007

QBs are always going to get a premium. And if Printers is the star QB that we expect than he'll be worth it.

Plus, if the CFL continues to thrive, the salary cap might go up, and the minimum salary might get raised and then everyone will be better off.

I think the addition of a marquee QB to the league will only help the CFL.