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Toronto sucks.

Bell sucks.

Coach Barker looks like he needs to see a doctor.

Suck suck and sickly.

and your solution is.....

To rank them last... of course.... geez!

naahh, I think he has a much more sinister solution.

...move Barker to the CFL11s... :roll:

EZ aside, I pained myself to watch that game from beginning to end. It is the Argos of old (i.e. last year): Owens and Boyd and nothing else. It was like Jock said at half time: I don't think there was a single completion where the ball went over 10 yards through the air. Boy, does that team have issues - what's that say about my Riders when we couldn't beat them two weeks ago??? Thank the Lord we have a different team starting this weekend. I was rooting for the Argos big-time - of course, don't want BC to get too far ahead of the Riders - but it was hard to watch. Was particularly rooting for Bell but, boy, did he ever empty his drawers in his diaper, I tell you.

This thread sucks, so make it sucks, sucks, sickly, and sucks.

TO keeps Baker, BC keeps Wally, Riders now have Miller. Riders will finish season ahead of TO and BC (or Edmonchuk).

Looks like we make the playoffs :wink:

Please. You guys are staring at 1-9. :stuck_out_tongue: BC will take the last playoff spot.

Not to rain on your parade... but if BC keeps playing up, and Edmonton keeps sucking... It could be Edmonton who get the LAST playoff spot.

This I can believe, the two games coming up with B.C. vs Edmonton with play huge. Edmonton/Winnipeg control their own destiny. B.C. will continue to win their games as the schedule plays in their hands.

Although he is a nice guy, Barker appears to be over his head as the combination GM and coach.
If this team say goes 4-14 or 5-13, I am calling for massive changes.

He's turning into another Charlie Weis...literally:

Full length photo shows the weight problem ... evolving:

Out of shape coaches p-i-s-s me off.

over weight coaches bother you? Cant be anymore then every single thread you start and every comment you make. You bother the entire CFL forum membership. Cant you find an NFL Forum to troll on or something?

EZ, get a life. No, seriously. :roll:

He can't. While having a life he might encounter scary things like tattoos, pierced ears, and overweight football coaches. :o

Ha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh snap!