The pressures on!

Man, an intense game in the 4th quarter but the Cat's did what they had to to secure the win and keep their playoff hopes alive. Winnipeg needs to do the same tommorrow or they could be in DEEP trouble. Good luck, I mean it :thup:

The Bombers need this one or it's curtains. Wpg won't win in MTL and if SK beats BC today,which they probably will. Sk game next week in HAM won't be all that important to the Rders. They play CGY in the last game of the season, that will determine 1st place in the west no matter what happens next week.

What happens if Bombers lose today and next week? Assuming Cats lose next week, will a Bomber victory against Cats in the final game put Bombers in the playoffs? If this scenario plays out, both teams would be tied at 7 and 11, How does that leave it? 1 team would make it and probably Edmonton cross over if they can pick up just 1 win.???

if both teams are 7-11, which in your scenario means the bombers beat the cats in the final game. The bombers would finish second because they would win the season series between the two.

If Winnipeg does tie us by beating us then yes, they will make the playoffs over us. To avoid this Hamilton has to beat SSK on Halloween and Winnipeg has to drop 2 to Montreal. Otherwise it'll go down to the last game of the season.

No surprises so far, Cats win, Esks lose.

Bombers need a split with the Als to keep the cross over out of the picture.

Both Cats and Bombers can make the playoffs by keeping pace with the Esks.

Only problem is I think the Esk's face the Argho's next week :confused:
Lil hard to lose to them, but hopefully HOPEFULLY Toronto wins.

In my perfect little world,

Edm finishes with 8 wins, splitting their last 2 games.
Ham finishes with 8 wins, splitting their last 2 games.
Wpg finishes with 8 wins, winning 2 of their last 3.

So both Ham & Wpg make the playoffs and there is no bleeping CO.

Winnipeg has actually won the season series against Edm, BC & Cal on point differential, only the Riders kicked their butts.

But because we have the Als 4x this year, our record is 2 to 3 games worse than it should be.

Like I said, only in my little world. :wink:

thats your perfect world piggy????

i know my perfect world is bombers winning all three games left, hamilton winning next week against sask and losing to us, and edmonton losing all there remaing games

making us 9-9 ham 8-10 and both of us making the playoffs ha ha

Pressure has shifted. Home playoff game now comes down to the Cats in WPG, week 19 - regardless of next weeks games!
Great game by the Blue today @ the stadium.

In a perfect world now - both the Cats and WPG win next week just to keep Edmonton out of the east :smiley:

-If Wpg and Ham win next week and Ed losses they are out of the East,cause the best Ed could do would be to tie.
-If Wpg and Ham both lose next week,and Ed wins,the winner in the last game will play a West team at home and the loser is out.

There are a few more scenes to played out as well,But no matter what happens next week,the winner of the last game in the Peg will have 2nd place,cause that will decide the season series,and if its a tie,oh brother-lol

....the way the schmoes are playing it doesn't look good for them....Argos are a cakewalk....the leos ...not so much... :wink: