The pressure is on........

…all teams are feeling pressure right now as Training Camp opens…

…BC went an amazing 11-0 before their wheels wobbled and they staggered into the playoffs only to give up their home dressing room to the Esks in the WF…can they find the magic that was the early part of their season and come up with a different ending?..

…Calgary went 7-2 in their last nine games of '05 and looked like the western team to beat heading into the playoffs…and they answered that by soundly beating themselves and folding like a cheap lawnchair to Edmonton in the WSF in the Stamps own backyard…this has plagued the team the entire off season and the players do a slow burn about it everyday…now can they do something to avenge that disaster?..

…Edmonton ducked and dived and spend the last three games of the '05 season up against the ropes but mananged to weild a late haymaker in every contest to walk away with the Cup in hand at the end…they’ve lost some good players, replaced them with question marks…can they repeat?..

…Saskatchewan looked bleakly at a '06 start until the demise of the Gades brought fortuneous gifts to the flatlands in the names of Joseph and Armstead…optimism is rampant again as the Riders less than stellar '05 offense has been reinvigorated…Shivers has talked the talk, now can his team walk the walk?..

…Winnipeg could only go in one direction, up…and with his job hanging by a thread Brendan Taman has pulled out all the stops by signing anything that doens’t already belong to someone else, included some players that thought they did belong to someone else…with the GC in their house this year can the Bombers do better than having to see the game from their plasmas?..

…Hamilton also can only go in one direction having equalled Winnipeg with a bed-crapping 5-13 '05 season…but the off season saw some big names come to steel town and on paper the Ticats sport a simply impressive offense…the cries of woe can still be heard drifting down the QE highway from the northeast…is their D up to the same production their O boys will provide?..can a rollercoaster ride for Marshall finally level off to a reasonable season?..

…Toronto gives us the best example of a club on an even keel being top contenders over the past few years…their GC win in '04 was spectacular but '05 ended with no return to the Big Game…Pinball was hailed as a COTY candidate but his team showed signs of internal disfunctionalism…now there’s Ricky Williams on the horizon, Saviour or Disease?..can the Argos sail clear of the personnel troubles that threaten to upset the boat?..

…Montreal continues to produce a winning organization and since their return to the CFL fold they have yet to experience a losing season…Jim Popp allows players to depart to the cries of Sacre Bleu from those paying to line the nest…yet the gaps are filled with players who soon make the fans forget the name of the player whom he replaced…incredible managerial talent or incredible luck?..'06 will give us another season to try to answer the question…

…so there you have it, all teams are on pins and needles and no team can enter into the season without some measure of concern…do we have what it takes?..we shall see…

Nicely done R&W. I'm guessing you had a bit of time on your hands.

.......our A/C is out in our building and it's like 30C one feels like working much.....

I woudl add to BC's "pressure" of having a capable back-up if DD is out with an injury for any long stretch

...Buck Pierce should be adequate to do the job.....when DD and CP were down he filled in last year for a game (I can't for the life of me remember whcih one.....Saskatchewan?.....Edmonton?.....) and won it!.......

Uh.....that would be against Saskatchewan.....


That game he won wasnt so much his ability at QB, but a ref's decision to make himself a deciding factor in that game. He called a brutal penalty on Jeremy O'day that would have given the Riders a 1st down and at least 3 pts on the board, possibly 7, putting the game out of reach as it was late in the 4th quarter when that play occured.


The fact is If's may not happen so really again blaming a ref's call is making excuses for your teams loss. The game is over and life goes on.

Yeah i know, Im going to get roasted for that post, but i dont care, saskatchewan should have stopped Pierce but for some reason the Rider D made him look like Doug Flutie.....

Its okay we all get frustrated over some of the calls but these guys are part time and it is a tough job to please everyone. Ref knows going in one of the teams is going to challenge his calls.

So if you say AC is hot right now, it might turn out to be great for the Als. :smiley:

that's not funny, return to your jail cell where you belong!

quit ur whining *edit(carefull now!)...its not our fault even without a team ottawa is still better fan base then winnipigs

idiot, Winnipeg has excellent attendance and has excellent fans, so does Ottawa, get back in your cell!!!! don't make me get the hose!!!!!

well u gotta get tht hose *edit first so im safe for a few weeks

Ok fellas that's enough!

yes, master, laying off now.

You say the call was "brutal"...but was it wrong?