The Pre-game Ceremony

It just happened to cross my mind as I was doing a few things around the house tonight, that nobody mentioned anything about the fantastic little tribute the organization and CFL did for Milt prior to the kick off at the labour day game.

Im not sure if they showed it on TSN but a couple minutes prior to the national anthem ( which is also very well sang every game, minus the Tim Hortons ad this game ) they had George Reed in a retro jersey beside Milt Stegall handing him a ball in honour of his all time touchdown feat he accomplished a few games prior.

The best part of the entire thing was that the crowd gave both George Reed and Milt a huge ovation! It was expected and known that one of the greatest Riders and CFL players of all time in Mr. Reed would get a fantastic ovation, but I was proud of my green faithful that they also gave a great ovation to Mr. Stegall, and he definately earned it!

Just had to get this out there, it was sort of lost and forgotten in what turned out to be absolute classic Labour day showdown!

A fantastic way to start one of the best games ive ever been to.

Yeah they did show it on TSN. I loved it. That was really cool. George Reed is probably my favorite Rider ever, and one of the nicest people you could ever meet.