The Practice Roster

With the return of healed Willie Thornton today, it now comprises 4 WRs and 2 DLs. Am I alone in being surprised at having that many WRs?

15 MacKay, Glenn WR Non-Import 5.11 175 1984-08-27 Windsor
18 Thornton, Willie WR Import 5.10 180 1986-02-15 Texas A&M-Commerce
72 Gibbs, Jeremy DT Import 6.03 285 1985-07-03 Oregon
82 Ball, David WR Import 6.01 200 1984-06-06 New Hampshire
83 Fish, Reggie WR Import 5.07 163 1987-05-29 Arkansas
98 Steele, Eddie DT Non-Import 6.00 273 1988-07-04 Manitoba

I'm surprised we have 3 import WRs. I wonder if the coaching staff has questions about Mann or McDaniel. But on the other hand, aren't we starting a period where we can have more people on the PR so teams can get a look at NFL cuts?

I don't understand why we're signing Receivers when we have a desperate need for a runningback.

We ARE signing a RB, MB already said so on the Ticat’s show.And it’s likely Conte Cuttino.

where is he?
that was over a week ago...

My surprise regarding the WRs, too, was at the 3 IMPs. With Nicolson injured, Mackay is the only non-dressing NIP WR we have right now, If that 30-day period of up to 12 PR spots hasn't yet started, it will very soon.

Here are the CFL PR Rules:
Each club may have a practice roster consisting of a maximum of seven 7 players in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
At least 1 place on the practice roster shall be filled by a non-import player (other than a non-import player who was a candidate in the current year CFL Canadian Draft, who is not the property of another CFL club);
If 7 places are used by a member club on it’s practice roster, at least 1 place on the practice roster shall also be filled by a non-import player who was a candidate in the current year CFL Canadian Draft, who is not the property of another CFL club.;
During 30 days during the season which coincide with the National Football League cut-down of roster period, each CFL club may increase it’s practice roster up to a maximum of twelve 12 players.

Why don't you ask Obie?You calling MB a liar? :lol:

no I heard the interview and saw his tweets, I just wanna know what happened is it dead? if not whats taking so long...
we need a new back in here to show Cobb what your supposed to do when you get the ball.

Last time I checked, Cuttino's agent was in talks with Obie.Who knows how long that could take considering Cuttino feels he deserves NFL...

I’m not sure I really want this guy. Based on his own comment on You-Tube (“You’ll see me in the NFL soon.”), it sounds like he’ll be rushing off to NFL try-outs every chance he gets. I’d rather have someone who want to play and would rather spend time on the field up here than riding the practice roster down there. Plus, isn’t he just another Cobb / Thigpen-type running back? Do we really need a third one? Couldn’t we find a fullback instead?

I know, but until that happens we’re still stuck with Cobb.


Adding an Import Receiver is surprising considering the more pressing needs right now. Two Offensive Lineman have traded jerseys in the past two days, a position we're suddenly weaker at. I'm glad we don't need an NFL-Cuts Airlift this year but a couple signings would be nice (Giguere especially).