The Power Of The 'Dog - I mean 'Cat

Playoff time.

By my own reckoning if you took the underdog in every regular season game this year your record was (give me a minute to check) 47-33-1. Anyone taking the points cleaned up. This has to be a scourge to the good people at Genius Sports but I won't pretend to understand the gambling business.

Interestingly by the same measure if you preferred the home or road team (exclusively) the whole season then your record was 40-40-1. A balanced book is the way it's supposed to go. So Genius got their own back there.

Anyway you're safe to gamble on the long shots for the remaining five games this season.

Long story or short one: Take Hamilton to win the 109th Grey Cup.


Pete Boyle

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The way I understand it is that most people put their money on the favourite. This is why we see the point spread change throughout the week. For example if Calgary opened up at 7 point favourites and people started to put their money on Calgary, the next day Calgary would be 8 (or higher) points favourite. If they put their money on BC then the point spread would come down and sometimes by game time they change the favourite altogether.

Basically when the favourite wins, the gambling site loses more money. Genius doesn’t actually place the bets though. They line up gambling sites to bet on your games. Think of Genius as “the pimp”. If Genius could show a history of underdogs winning that would be a benefit for the gambling site and easier for them to get signed on.

This basically says that they provide sports books with data etc.

Oh. Did I say Hamilton? I meant to say Toronto.


That's the ticket.

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