The Positives

Sorry if there was a thread or discussion that’s already drilled this to death. Even though the result of last night's game was very similar to scorelines we saw last year, I think there's much to be taken from this game and definite signs that this team is indeed better. Calgary has the benefit of a great deal of continuity and depth while Hamilton is starting from scratch.

  1. Defensive adjustment. Burris and co. completely walked over the Cats on the opening series of the game. Come the 2nd series onwards for the remainder of the first half, the defense went on to conceded only a FG. Had the offence started to maintain possession and finish their drives, I think this would have continues through the 2nd half: A definite sign of capable defensive coaching.

  2. Sound fundamentals. Other than Dwight Anderson's multiple penalties, I think the Cats, played soundly in terms of the fundamentals: tackling, blocking, catching and running. Not much in the way of dropped balls, except Radelien's 1st QTR drop (sun in eyes) that likely would have been a TD. Although Maas never went deep, he played safely. (I think we should mind the fact that safe football is not necessarily winning football) On defense, while Burris and co. definitely scored often, they had to work to do so. Had this been last year's team, we would have seen plenty of lazy, terrible, one arm tackle attempts by the Cats.

  3. Impressive special teams play. Setta after 3 attempts is perfect on FGs. His punting is amazing. The down field coverage was solid. Our return game showed flashes of promise shattered by a couple holding and illegal block penalties. I really believe the turning point of the game was Anderson's block from behind. He had the angle to make an adequate block from the side to spring Walker for the return he had. Instead we were pinned at the 2 and for anyone who watched the game, we know what that resulted in.

  4. Emergence of leaders. Stellar play by Holmes, Lumsden, Setta, Walker and Moreno demonstrates that this team is going to have staples in all three phases of the game. This entire team is really raw but I think we're going to see it come together and headed by the stellar play of these athletes. What we need is for the supporting staff to begin to make a name for themselves. The lack of involvement by the rest of the receiving corps was troubling. Perhaps once Anderson and French get into the lineup, we'll see better use of our supporting staff and then our playmakers will have honest-playing opponents to compete against instead of being keyed on.

  5. Chang?? I'll admit the drive looked promising, but as was mentioned on the 5th QTR, Chang's performance on that drive has to be read in the context of the particular situation in the game and the personnel he was matched against. Nevertheless, could this be our Chuck Ealey?

Now I'm not trying to be delusional here. Overall they sucked. I wanted to highlight some positives. I think what we have here is a team much more capable than last year's squad if not extremely raw. Last year's team had so many proven veterans that fell flat on their face. The 2007 team is raw from what I can see.

What's important is that this new, and expectedly superior coaching staff make certain that this team corrects its faults and plays more competitively in the Argo game. If they drop 2 then 3, this team will begin to head down the road of broken confidence and spirit that ultimately killed last year's squad. It’s important that they get on their feet and win ball games much sooner than later.

It took Chuck Ealey four games to become the Cats starter in 1972. We don’t have that luxury if the offense does not produce points and the motivation remains to win.

Like Ealey, Chang has very good mobility and the capacity to THROW DOWN SEAMS. For all this talk about Taaffe and the West Coast offense, apart from the obvious aspect of the QB’s footwork (read drops) being linked to the passing routes and depths of receivers, the kind of approach Taaffe wants is what Chang delivered in his big drive: the ablity to stretch the defence and throw the ball on a rocket into seams that the offensive schemes create.

Maas sure looks more like a '72 Wally Gabler by comparison.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm will to chaulk this game up as a "leaning experience" game for all involved as the word NEW can be applied to alot of this team.
That being said, I really do believe that Maas has to be a better leader on the field and I just didn't see it last night.(again)
However, we did have other pitfalls that cost us more, specifically penalties.
Once the team is more dicipplined we should be better.......and as for the D fense......they have to stop the Offence from walking all ovr them which was VERY reminicent of the past couple of years.


I agree completely with the thread starter... Special teams looked very good, and the defence certainly looked like they were adjusting well.

I never thought of the leadership until now, but definitely a positive... I'm glad there's no "The Negatives" thread... and so should Jason Maas.

This is a darn good synopsis that I believe hits the nail on the head. As for Maas he is either too uptight trying to prove himself or he can not read defenses. Whatever it is too early to call. There are just too many rookies and a complete coaching change and not enough exhibition games to work out the kinks. They played a team that was pretty well intact from last year. Lets see what happens against Toronto.

I was in total agreement with you until you hit the suck part. :wink: Let's keep in mind that Maas is NOT calling his own plays. Taaffe laughed when he was asked about a QB calling his own plays. Some of these guys are a little over-zealous (ie. Anderson) and we do need work, but this is the first real taste of CFL some of these guys are getting. Preseason doesn't mean squat. They actually got a look at a real offensive scheme rather than the "vanilla" stuff they saw in preseason. I was very impressed by the coverage team and I swear that call on Anderson was BS. I saw the SAME block made in the blue team game when Bashir ran back that record punt return and there was no call.

so now i get it. the reason maas struggled is because the coach called the plays,must have been the same problem last year. You must be right,i did here that the coach went for a pee break for the last 10 mins. of the game. that let chang call his own plays

Coaches Marshall, Lancaster, Pao Pao, Taaffe and Working all seem to call similar plays for Maas......5 yard passes.....hmmm

Don't take your frustration out on me, figgy and don't put words in my mouth. I was referring to the fact that people said he didn't throw deep and such. He didn't play terribly last night, but he didn't do much to cement himself as the starter. Forgive me if I'm not ready to write off the whole season after one loss. :roll:

i wouldnt take out my frustrations on you,i like it too much when you buy me beer. i'm not writing off the season either. it should improve with a change at qb

One positive is that the Ticats faced the Stampeders, one of the better CFL teams, in their first regular season game. For example, rookie Ticat defensive coordinator Ed O'Neil, who had probably never even heard of a six receiver set until he arrived in Hamilton a few months ago, was pitted against a Grey Cup winning offensive coordinator, George Cortez, who played a major role in the early professional development of Jeff Garcia, Dave Dickenson and Henry Burris. O'Neil was schooled by Cortez last night but it should make him a better defensive co-ordinator as the season progresses.

On the opposite side of the ball, the Ticat offence continued last year's unfortunate pattern of taking the team out of the game early with some momentum shifting mistakes. By game's end, they had scored nine points while giving seven points away to their opponents. The CBC announcers said that the Stampeders had six rookies on defence. A CFL offence should be able to score more than 9 points on a CFL defence with 6 rookies playing on it. The running game looks good and the short passing game is okay but the Ticat offence is in dire need of an intermediate and deep passing game to stretch opposing defences as well as more finish and less panic in the "red zone".

Having seen all 8 teams perform this week. I doubt as if any team played well enough to have defeated the Stamps last night. I’d say the Bombers, Lions, Argos and Eskimos would have kept the game closer while Saskatchewan and Montreal would have faced a similar if not worse fate than Hamilton.

I’d go as far to say that Hamilton may have actually played up to or even defeated Saskatchewan or Montreal. Neither of those teams showed much in the way of preparedness for the season. I understand the weather was bad but that game was horrible to watch.

(Not to suggest the Tiger-Cats game was easy to watch)

very good points!

BUMP! I think it's time to focus on the (albeit) little islands of positive thought in a sea of negativity and uncertainty. It's only one game, folks, and there are several positives to build upon. Remember, it could always be worse... at least there isn't a grandfather leading the team at qb (oops, did I just write that?? 8) ) Here's to a great home opener!! Go Cats!!

We would have easily won this game if the offence scored touchdowns in the first half.

Our special teams played great, our D shut Calgary down in the first half (stuffing Renyolds, and forcing Burris to run instead of throw), and our running game was clicking.

Maas can't tell fans, "Calgary took away the long ball." Any idiot knows that as a QB, periodicaly you have to test that theory by throwing some long balls. Maas didn't. I find it hard to believe that against a Calgary secondary with lots of rookie starters, our receivers weren't EVER able to create separation.

Make quicker decisions and commit to a throw fast, Maas, or Ivor Wynne will chew you up and spit you out this Saturday vs. the Argos. Fans are sick or your excuses.

Nice to see a few postive comments!

Although a closer score would have been nice I thought the Cats looked pretty competitive in the first half. I felt just a few plays and penalities really turned the tide. I know the play calling was safe/boring but I don't think Taffe and crew are thinking about last year and probably thought keeping this game close would have given us our best chance to upset the Stamps.

I think this team will we be much better than last year given a few weeks to gell.

(I didn't see the replay on the blocking from the back call but I thought it was close to being ok...)

Exactly!!!!!!Thank you.
Frame this post.

Thats only because Lancaster is still calling all the shots.... didnt you know?

Really I all this time I though it was Ron From Tigertown. :lol: