The Popp - Trestman Dynamic

Last year Jim Popp was an exhausted and disinterested GM/interim head coachwho was basically dying on the vine in Montreal - and eventually cut loose.

Marc Trestman was a failed NFL head coach, who didn't really find the right formula as an assistant or OC in the southern league.

Now, they've found each other.

Can't tell you how much having a guy like Trestman in charge of your team takes the heat off you asa GM. You don't have to worry about coordinating your team - Trestman is one of the best ever in this league - Popp just has to do what Popp does best - FIND PLAYERS, SIGN PLAYERS, SCOUT PLAYERS, SILVER-TONGUE AGENTS!

Its a great arrangement - the dynamic duo could wreak havoc in this league for years to come (maybe 5 more w/ Trestman as HC). Popp knows how to scout the southern leagues and NCAA; Trestman knows how to find quality assistants and design solid game plans. Once they get their Canadian CIS/NCAA drafting down pat they're gonna be tough to beat.

To turn the team around in a year and then win the Grey Cup, that pretty well says it all. I have always been a fan of Trestman, even when he was with...yak...Montreal. To think that Hamilton could have had both of them instead of the Kent Austin gong show is sad.

I am glad that Trestman saw how valuable Ricky Ray is and put him back at starter; I felt bad for RR last year as he went through what Zac Collaros went through this year in disrespect.