The poll this week

Is it me or is this poll pretty ridiculous and OBVIOUS!?

Obviously the best kicker in the West Division is SEAN FLEMING! Comon!

.. lol j/k.. HE SUCKS. Easily Sandro DeAngelis, all the other kickers in the west division are average or below. People kicking field goals at halftime are better then Fleming. Ask 38,000 other people if you dont think so lol.

You haven't heard of Ryan for the Bombers have you? He's is a punt, but he could do both and be go ar either one!!!!!


Until last night, I would say that the guy from CALGARY, is the best in the WEST .

That's because he is reading Dave Ridgways book, "Robokicker" it is the inspiration behimd the performance.

no, he just sucks, the esks signed a new kicker, fleming will be on punting duty, which he excels at...


Have you even seen Ryan try to kick a field goal???

You realize there isnt a prize for most posts in a season, dont you?
No trophy, medals, or free trips to Winnipeg.

Don't know about Ryan and kicking, but his punting is phenomenal.

hahaha, what a joke, we have four of the worst place kickers in the west right know and just wait until the calgary rookie starts chocking up down the stretch, hahaha