The Politics Thread (formerly the Hockey Thread)

I made this thread in another forum with the title above :slight_smile: Since the olympics are here and free agency in the CFL is mostly for the pundits, I thought I'd make a hockey thread.

Personally, I don't like the olympics (and even less so since they decided to not take up Rugby 7's as an olympic sport in the last switcheroo that ousted baseball and softball). I'm really a team sports kind of guy, so the only reason I care about these olympics is for the international-rules hockey.

Who do you like for medals in the Olympic hockey tournament?


Gold Canada-their depth will help them out a lot, especially on defence. They also have to many weapons to stop, Thornton, Nash, Sakic, Lecavelier, Richards, Heatley, St. Louis, Iginla and so many more, this team will be hard to contain. It'll be a disappointment if they don't win gold.
Silver Czech Republic-their goaltending will carry them a ways, every country would love to have the decision of either starting Hasek or Vokoun. Two of the best goalies in the game. Jagr has also been the best player in the game this year and is always a threat when he is on the ice.
Bronze Russia-Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Datsyuk will all be very explosive for this team. Their goaltending is weak though and will be their downfall in the semi-finals.


Gold-Canada-They've been on fire at the olympics with 16-0 & 12-0 victories.
Silver-US-It's between them and Canada for gold. No other countries come close to touching how many women are registeredin hockey in these two countries, 70000 in Canada and 50000 in the US.
Bronze-Sweden-I think they won bronze last time around.

Mens Hockey

  1. USA- okay this is hope "Do you believe in miracles, YES!". I like the speed they got with Drury, Cole, and Gionta, i think the USA got some of the most underated players in the olympics. I'am also praying that our goalies catch a hot streak. You have to admit the Americans got the easiest schedule out of any teams. Where' s Richter?
  2. Canada- Without a doubt the most complete team in the olympics, what else is new. I think the ioc starts investigating team Canada for heavy wagers on the womens and they are eliminated. I thinks thats the only way they don't get the gold. :lol:
  3. Czech Republic- Another solid team, outside of my longshot in the gold i would say the battle for the gold between the Czechs and Canada.


  1. USA- Without a doubt this is going to be a close battle between two great teams, obviously i'am biased because many of the players are from my area. I like our chances.
  2. Canada- By my bias default. Another great Canadian team, but the Americans prevail in the final game. Another thing stop running up the score i think teams quit after the 8th goal, antoher motivation factor for the US.
  3. Sweden - thanks you socialists for motivating the US womens team.

Can't wait to see Sweden (EU) V.s Canada tommorow!


  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Russia (former USSR)


  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Sweden (EU)

…(former USSR), (EU)???..what are these for Hung?..

Yeah, I think everyone here knows what and where Sweden and Russia are.

for my ego, more of less.

l liked it when the USA and Norway had a great challenger.

Fomer USSA is made of the fomer republics, plus Finland.
W.EU is made up of the West EU members (and they would be in the lead right now with 13 metals, 5 gold, 4 siver, 4 bronze)
E.EU is made up of the fomer Warsaw pact members.

Don't be offended please.

........seriously, how does it help your ego to rearrange sets of items into some new set?...........

like living out my imaginary Earth (1987). it's great!

…how about getting in touch with reality earth, it’s a pretty decent place…

the real worls is the real world, it's not my utopia, and unfortunaly IMO, it never will be.

........but that's the problem, reality earth is never anyone's utopia, it's what you make of it, not make-believe of it........

what I can make of it is write novels about how I would have things, and stories about it, like Micheal Moore and Tom Clancy, my idols. Maybe make my own maps ans stuff, but I'm not cut out to lead a revolution.

........unless it was through a minefield...........

that would be somthing, I can see that now

KK: Come on mates LET'S GO!!!
Revolutionary soldier: well, bugger this, I'm off to play Madden, wanna come?

.........ah, your right, it is good to dream........

Hmmmmmm I'm going to say

Men 1)Canada
2)Czech Rep

women 1)Canada

and on another note...........why in good Lord would you include Finland with Russia.............the Fins hate the Russians.............something to do with the commies invading them I think

Finland was a part of Russia, after they bought them from Sweden. After Russia losted WW1, Finland became independent. The Bolsheviks tread to invade them (and don't forget, the Fins supported Hitler, and the Bolsheviks needed a buffer zone beteew them and the West) like they did to the Baltic, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Cascanians, they succeeded in getting some territory, but failed to take the country. After WW2, Finland stayed neutral and even signed a few treaties with the USSR (they even LEFED a few of their bases that they had on land they occupied there)

and that's not commie propaganda, that's what really happened.

As Micheal Moore says of the USSR in his book "Downsize This!":

"The Soviets, unlike us [America], never sent a half million ground troops 10,000 miles from home to invade countries and fight wars; they confined their military oppression to countries that bordered theirs (just becase they were a little freaked out after being invaded for centuries and then lost 25 million people in World War II was certainly no reason for them to be concerned). And the Soviets never dropped The Bomb [(he even said before this that the USSR was always playing catch-up with Americas lattest missile project)] that distinction, to this [very] day, belongs solely to us [America] {for now}. "

so, who is really the Evil Empire here? sry, guys, but the whole thing just makes me mad.

Lets keep this thread on Hockey not communism .


  1. Hasek, Jagr and the boys
  2. Canada
  3. Russia


2) USA
3) Sweden