The Police at Half time for Grey Cup??????

Okay, This source is not the best considering who mumbled it, but the Play by Play guys (TEAM 1040) were commenting that the half time show for Grey Cup could be the Police, speculating that they were on tour in Toronto at the same time.

Where theres smoke, there is usually fire… Toronto posters any substance to the rumour?

i started that rumour months ago, when it was announced the police were adding a toronto show in

the fact that i started it should give u the answer.

Well Drummer, the local radio guys have bought into it!

Your rumour went Coast to Coast!

NO it wasnt DG who started the rumour.
Bob McCown on Fan 590 as being of the GC committee mentioned it months ago on his radio program.

i posted the rumour in the off-topic section the day it was announced the police were adding a toronto show in early november.

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bob and i must think alike.

Hopefully they can find someone other than the Police to do a halftime show. I was never a big fan of theirs to begin with, but it could be worse, I suppose–they could try to get Bon Jovi to play… LOL

Get a Canadian Band. There are plenty of huge names to choose from.

I sure hope so, we can’t have fans running onto the field and tackling officials during the GC!

It will be the Police, but instead of the popular band it will be actual members of the Toronto police force playing guitars, drums, accordions, bagpipes, ocarinas, ...

rofl :lol:

The Hogtown press corp can unfurl a huge banner at centre field of Paul Godfrey kissing the feet of Roger Goodell whilst kneeling on the Canadian flag.