The plot thickens ....

... or sickens depending on your viewpoint.
Summary: Maas's wife and daughter made the decision for him to go to Montreal; and Jim Popp says Hamilton got snookered by Printers' agent.
Printers had it right, I think, in his interview with Zamperin on CHML: "Football is a soap opera."
Story below, from Vancouver Sun, for what it's worth:

by mike beamish
vancouver sun
MONTREAL — A five-year-old Edmonton girl, Makaela Maas, stood in the way of a CFL trade that was completed Friday when quarterback Jason Maas arrived from Hamilton following assurances from his daughter that it was okay.
Maas, sent packing after the Casey Printers’ starship landed in Hamilton, initially balked at the trade to Montreal in a deal for Alouettes fullback Jeff Piercy.
Arriving at the Alouettes practice field following a workout for Sunday’s game against the Lions, Maas finally seemed at peace after what has been a tumultuous week. Playing behind a porous Tiger-Cat line that gave him little chance to find open targets, he had lost his starting job to rookie Timmy Chang in the Labour Day game against the Toronto Argonauts. Then Maas was cast aside like an old shoe in the free-agent firestorm ignited by Printers and his agent, Jason Medlock, following the latter’s release by the Kansas City Chiefs.
“I don’t know if I considered retiring, but I considered sitting out the whole year,? Maas admitted Friday. “When you have a five-year-old daughter and she says, ‘Daddy, don’t go,’ you’ve got to stop and think how about it’s affecting them. It’s a traumatic change for my wife and her. At the end of the day, after sitting there, contemplating things and understanding the situation, we came to the realization we can do it. It’s a nine-week thing. We’ll look at the off-season when it gets here.?
Maas, who once threw for a West Division-leading 5,270 yards in 2004 with the Eskimos, is the anti-Printers, an ego-suppressing team player who sublimated his love of self when he backed up Akili Smith as a collegian with the Oregon Ducks and again in Edmonton, when Ricky Ray regained his starting job from Maas following his fling in the NFL. Even after being placed in a diminished role with the Tiger-Cats, Maas handled it with typical grace.
“With the uncertainty with my shoulder, the organization was just going to try and cover itself,? said injured Alouettes starting quarterback Anthony Calvillo. “It definitely would have been different, with Casey being here. With Jason here, it’s a good fit for our football team.?
The Alouettes were dragged into Printers sweepstakes after Calvillo was diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury following a 46-14 pounding by the Lions last Friday at BC Place. Montreal GM Jim Popp wanted to discuss a one-year (plus option) deal with Medlock, to have Printers play out the rest of the 2007 season in Montreal and perhaps come to a long-term arrangement, depending on Calvillo’s circumstances.
Likely spooked by a report from CKNW radio in Vancouver — the station said Printers had landed in an “undisclosed? Canadian city, when he was still in the States, in transit — the desperate Tiger-Cats dug deeper into owner Bob Young’s money pit to see who would blink first.
Printers, en route from Houston to Cincinnati to Burlington, Vt., where he was supposed to meet up with an Alouette scout (Printers was without a passport), then de-planed and made an abrupt detour to Hamilton. “A winning organization,? one of Medlock’s stated requirements, quickly became a secondary consideration to the three-year deal, reported to be worth as much as $1.6 million, from the Tiger-Cats.
“There was no way we were going to pay that kind of money,? said Popp, who discussed his interest in Printers with Calvillo before he made the call. “But, I guess the agent was just doing his job. He got the ‘undisclosed Canadian city’ report out there and I guess the Tiger-Cats believed him. We wanted to fly him in to discuss the situation. We never made a contract offer.?
Acquiring Maas was the way he initially wanted to go, Popp said, but he decided to phone up Medlock just on spec.
“I didn’t think there was a remote chance he was coming here,? Popp said. “In a two-hour span, his agent went from ‘We’ll make a decision on Sunday [Sept. 9]’ to ‘We’re gettin’ on a plane and coming there because he wants to play in Montreal.’ It was surprising to us. I had a feeling it would never happen. He got intercepted. I had a feeling he’d [Printers] be in Hamilton all along.?

Good to see Calgary, Toronto and now Montreal backpedaling after this.

Looks good on them.

really doesn't matter anymore

We now have a premiere QB (I hope)
We will soon be a threat (next season I hope)

This conspiricy theory thing just leads to gossip..this isn't a The View..lets focus on football on the field we lookin in the right direction

Here's another little nugget tonight from Lefko:

"We can't sit and wait, wait and wait because if you sit, wait and wait somebody else is going to get Jason Maas (in a trade)," Popp said. "There was about four teams that I know that all wanted Jason Maas. They were looking at him strictly to be their backup, not their starter. We were the fortunate one to get him because we happened to have someone that Hamilton wanted for their needs, not only now but for the future".

Hamilton was in the market for a rookie Canadian fullback? Who knew.

yeah i find montreal wanting maas not printers a bit hard to swallow. i also cant see printers signing for not a whole lot of dough. All these teams wanted Printers. If their bull.... is fooling anyone I feel sorry for their fans. Printers was on his way to Montreal, Toronto was calling Printers up until the press conference. We got him and pretty much rattled the entire league. Now everyone is like...'oh he cost to much', 'they stole him from us', 'we didn't want him', 'the salary cap didnt allow it'.

most teams are doing all the back pedaling so they don't upset their starters they were looking to replace.

I'm not sure where the "plot thickens" we got him. End of story.

That’s just good negotiating.

I love it!

Who cares about Maas and his feelings…let alone his family. His heart was never here. It’s a business. He sucked here. Good riddance. He should retire, because his arm is shot.