The plot thickens in the West

Tonight's CFL game between Calgary and SSK should be an interesting one if not entertaining. Calgary has 1st place in the West wrapped up and no doubt will play conservatively. They certainly don't want key players injured.

The big question mark is SSK. Who would they prefer meeting in the playoffs? Would they prefer being the cross over team and meet either Montreal, Hamilton or perhaps Toronto in the Eastern Semi-Final or stay in the West?

SSK is in the playoffs but they could end up meeting either B.C, or Edmonton in the Western Semi-Final and they would have to go head to head against the formidable Stampeders on Stampeder turf if they win the Semi-Final. If SSK makes it that far you have to wonder what will be left of the Roughies after the Western Final.

Going east would be a cake walk. The Als, Argos and Ti-Cats have all ramped up their game and given that the Semi and eastern Final is a winner take all, I would not want to place a bet on SSK coming out on top.

Last week the Riders tried to pull a rabbit out of the hat. In CFL years he was an elderly rabbit albeit a seasoned one named Kerry Joseph who just turned 41. Not surprising the Roughies dropped their 4th straight game and their last 5 of 6. They still have tonight and one more game to get things turned around.

I can just imagine the trash talk….

Calgary: Hey, bring it on. We can beat you even with our second string players! :thup:

SSK: Make our day! :rockin:

I'm hoping SSK goes into the game and takes it to Stamps with an attitude, " Watch out if we meet you in the Western Final".

I'm hoping that if Calgary does lose tonight I don't hear, " So what if you SSK beat us. We were resting our best players."

The route through the east is not going to be a "cakewalk". Montreal, Toronto & Hamilton are all stepping their games up and capable of crushing the riders at this point.

...historically this hasn't been that much of a problem for the riders :cry:

Its mathematically impossible for the Riders to play the Lions in the playoffs outside the Grey Cup game. But yes I do expect this to be a good football game despite no playoff implications for either team. The Riders will want to show they let a home playoff game slip away this season and both teams will want to set the tone should they meet up in the playoffs.

If, as you say the Riders want to take the foot off the gas pedal and aim for the cross-over, why then would the same not be suggested with the Lions? Maybe the Lions are the team that is aiming their hopes East.

Wouldn't it be nice to see the Lions aim for the back door route to the Grey Cup and have the Bombers sneak by them for the final playoff spot?

The fact is that not team, is going to not play every game the remainder of the year with any goal other that to win that game. Not the Riders, not the Lions. Ain't happening.

I'm hoping the Bombers can beat the Lions this week. With B.C's last 2 games coming against Cagary and Edmonton, a loss this week can keep the hope alive for no crossover.

It also keeps the even greater hope of Winnipeg being the cross-over team. Go Bombers!

Grinds teeth :x

That would be ok too. This is their first year back in the West, so we can claim that they are still in the East.

I think for the Stamps it is a matter of playing aggressive enough not to get injured. They don't really care if they win or not, a win is preferable of course and they will play to win, but a big loss would be bad. Too easy to sluff off and overlook. The Riders on the other hand go into this needing to get on track. They need to be playing for the win...doesn't matter where they play in the playoffs, they need to win at least one of the last 2 games to settle some nerves and get winning in their head.

I made a mistake RM14. It was suppose to say "Going east would not be a cake walk. Hopefully others picked up on that in the context. My bad. :oops:

:thup: :thup:

Absolutely correct greenandwhite! I was so focussed on the possibility that the Lions could end up in 2nd place I completely forgot that Edmonton would automatically take 3rd place. My mistake. Thanks for the correction. :thup:

Stamps still would like to crush the Riders if possible. Give them no hope and demoralize them going into the playoffs. I don't know what people are smoking, but thinking ol' Geritol Kerry Joseph is going to lead them anywhere is ridiculous! Maybe keep the mediocre. What has he done since 2007? Pretty much stunk the joint out when he went to the Argos and don't recall him doing much up in the Chuck. Always looked mediocre to me these last number of years. Now he comes out of the retirement home and he's going to roll all the way? I'll take bets on that one for sure....easy money! :wink: :smiley: :slight_smile: