The Playoffs=]

[b]Am i totally out of line saying that there is still a chance that we could still make the playoffs. Winnipeg could lose, and we could win. Hey, before last week winnipeg had lost 5 of their last 6 games, and that would be all they are doing these weeks. Anyway please people have faith, dont give up on your team, i mean how great would it be to make the playoffs and beat the argos out!!=] it may not happen, but even to make the play-offs would be great!!

No, You’re not out of line.

Ham has to win their 3 remaining games while Wpg has to lose their remaining 4.

Its mathematical possible but very unlikely

no chance of making the playoffs
too bad Jesse didn't suit up sooner

Not out of line for suggesting that its mathematically possible but out of line if you think there is any chance of it occurring. We have to beat the best CFL team in consecutive games and thats not going to happen. We may win one if we play well but BC won’t stand pat and let it happen twice in a row