The playoff format may change

The commissioner, on his cross-Canada “road trip,” met with CFL fans in Ottawa this weekend and, among other things, spoke of consideration being given to a change in the playoff format:

"Major League Baseball is thinking about changing its playoff format where more teams would be involved. Here’s an idea that’s been floated (in the CFL). The first-place teams in the East and West would win their divisions and would host a playoff game — the same as we currently have. The difference would be that the third-, fourth-, fifth- and sixth-place teams in the league would make the playoffs, regardless of division. Third would play sixth and fourth would play fifth. It makes the late-stage competition for a playoff game more important. Here’s the next change: After the two semi-final games are played on Saturday, Sunday would be decision day for the first-place team. On a nationally broadcast show, the first-place team would pick who they’re playing from the (two semi-final winners). It’s something we’re talking about. If we did this, what we might have to agree on is we would do this for a limited amount of time until we got Halifax into the league — then we might have to make a different decision.”

Here’s the full article:

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I lost it at

Maybe playing the semis on Saturday is to experiment and compare attendance and ratings to the historical numbers for playing them on Sunday. Some fans definitely do prefer Saturday games, but they’re not good for anyone working in retail. The commish didn’t make it clear, on which day the finals would be held.

One thing, that would change, if the tie-breaking procedures remain the same, is the increased importance on games vs. teams in the other division and winning, at least one and also the 2-game series on total points against those teams.

The morning-after the semis decision for the overall top team is certainly something different, almost Vince McMahon-ish.

Overall, I’m not strong either way on change it, or don’t. The format being considered would, I think, increase somewhat, but not greatly, the chance of same division teams meeting in the Grey Cup.

Don’t like the thing about the first place team choosing their opponent. Sounds contrived and like a TV reality or game show.

Maybe not the dumbest idea for a professional league Commish, but certainly sets a bar for comparisons.

He didn’t come up with it. MLB did. But I agree it’s terrible.

But please move everything to Saturday.

One take out that article was that David Braley is back in the hospital.

“David Braley is in the hospital right now and I’ve been spending time visiting with him — we’ve been talking about a strategy to re-energize the Lions. David is really passionate about getting B.C. Place back to where it was.”

I think Randy won the worst Commissioner award long ago, but that’s just me.


I think that we’d be better off with this Randy running the show !!! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Pathetic. Takes away the importance of Divisional wins. Might as well make the League a single Division. Letting teams CHOOSE who to play in the playoffs? WAY too WWE for my taste…


Change for the sake change is a horrible mantra


The current playoff system isn’t broken . If/when the Schooners enter the east

,the top 3 teams are in the divisional playoffs . Lose the crossover . If you’re

the 4th best team in your division, you don’t deserve to be in the playoffs .

Pat Lynch ( no circuses please)


The cross-over is bad enough. May as well go to one division rather than think of doing any of this crap. First place team choosing their opponent…oh my God!!!


The tradition of an east-west Grey Cup is sacred . Don’t mess with it ! Let’s

not start with the gimmicks . Our football is great without the reality game

show effects .

Pat Lynch (how about some nice parting gifts, Don Pardo)


I prefer to keep the format as it is.
The idea of the first place getting to pick it’s opponent is to gimmicky.


Lets not do the First place team choosing their opponent please, seriously…


A couple of days, after this idea first surfaced, it looks like Ambrosie is pushing for it.
A couple of related tweets today:

*Randy Ambrosie said the new format was the brainchild of Bombers president Wade Miller & has support of the CFL’s innovation committee, which includes representation from the CFLPA. The proposal is expected to be presented to league’s board of governors March 17.

Even if the board votes to adopt the new format, Randy Ambrosie said that doesn’t mean it will be forever. “We can announce we’re going to do two seasons of this and see how it works,” he said. “We can always go back to the old way.

via @sportsnet

There are some news of this in french also. He even stated that: «Je veux entendre leur avis que ce soit positif ou négatif. Je trouve que c’est une très belle occasion de sonder les partisans à cet effet. À Ottawa, 70% des gens ont voté en faveur de ce changement. Je vais avoir cette discussion à travers le pays»

I propose that all of us opposed to the “pick your opponent” option write to the Commissioner and tell him so.

So under this format if it was implemented last year the Grey Cup between us and the Bombers could have actually been the Eastern finals . :astonished:

Keep up the good work there Randy . Between this and finding us the best players just this side of Togo Togo yer doing a helluva job !!! :poop:

So looking back over the last 3 seasons , if we implemented the new playoff format:
2019- The same 6 teams would have made the playoffs-
Semis would be Edmonton VS Calgary, Montreal VS Winnipeg (Montreal does not get a home playoff game)
2018- We would have missed the playoffs, but 100% chance we start all our starters week 21 and beat Montreal and then we would have been the 6th seed playing in Saskatchewan. We only finished 8-10 that year because our last game was meaningless, IMO. (Masoli would have got our pass yardage record as well).
2017-The same 6 teams would have made the playoffs
I say bring it on, except scrap the Top ranked division leader picks their opponent. Go with some type of “re-seed” based on regular season points.
The East most likely gets less home playoff games under this format though.

Edited to add: By my own analysis it looks like the top 6 teams usually make the playoffs, even with the current format. So is the change worth scrapping the current EAST/WEST playoff format??? I am now leaning towards keep it the same.