the playmaker's latest column

You'd think if you're writing a column about the CFL this past week-end and doing a team by team analysis you would check to make sure all the teams are there. How in a nine team league do you forget B.C., can he not count that high or does he not check over his articles?

Did they have a bye ?

In my opinion, that's the worst Playmaker column of all season. It sounds like it was written by a 12-year-old..... bye, Kman

No they did not.

…guess the can delete the sticky on this article…

They don't have a bye last week or this week and just were on the losing cause of the game of the year and he has nothing to say about them. How about Casey Printers returning to form, the poor defensive coverage by Young? at the end of the game.

.......I say we demand the unmask this pretender and reveal his identity.......we have nothing to fear but fear itself.....pick up your muskets lads, are you with me or not?.........

What a joke!!!
He has nothing to say about BC but talks about Ottawa who didnt play last week

Why, it's none other than Old Man Smithers wearing a mask!!!
“.....And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!�

Somebody get out the brooms, cuz it looks like this alleged playmaker is up to "SHENANIGANS!" I mean, when you throw in a team on their bye week and leave out the losing side on the leading candidate for "game of the year", they're verging into "this guy can't carry (for comedy purposes, I'll use saskargo here)'s jockstrap" territory

I think the only thing funnier was I read the column and didn't notice he missed BC. My mind may have been on other things at the time.....

He's still pretty much useless tho in my opinion.

Well he finally put B.C. in his column, hopefully this teaches him to actually read and edit his columns before posting them.

Isn't it funny that we do not even complain about that lame columnist in the "Discuss the latest playmaker column here" ?

It looks like someone at CFL.CA does read our posts