The Players on this Team I Proud to Call Tiger-cats.

These Players I am Proud to call tigercats at this time.:

1A JoJuan Armour Always Verballing Pushing his team Mates Should be Nominated for Defence player of the year.

1B Zeke Moreno:
He plays like Ben did Side to side Blood coming down his Face a True Leader. Should win Defence rookie of the year

B Tay Cody :
another Verbal Player who Fighting Hard for us

C Nick Setta :
This kid is the most Humble and hard working Kicker I have ever Seen.

D Nautyn McKay-Loescher :
Our Number 1 Man Sack Machine.

E Clinton Wayne:
Finally Coming into his Own.

F Peter Dyakowski :
Humble hard Working rookie.

G: Jo Jo Walker
this kid has taken a Pounding and keeps coming back got to love him for that alone.

H: Kori Dickerson:
another Young Kid who leaves all on the Field.

I : Cedric Gagne-Marcoux:
another young Rookie on the OL with time will Develop in fine CFL Linemen

J: Talmen Garnder
When Healthy he been our best WR

K Brock Ralph :
He May Drop a pass or two but he has Speed to burn.

L Jesse Lumsden:
Hard Working Local kid who show heart on an off the Field. Our Best offence Weapon this year.

I agree with all players you have mentioned. I will say this though. If you're wearing a ticat uniform I'm proud to call you a ticat! Lets finish strong boys!!!!!

I'll never question the efforts of any of our players, I think they all care and are playing hard, it's just all the mental mistakes we make, which is to be expected since we're so young.

IMHO we do make mental mistakes but come ON ... the 15 yard no yards penalties were Bull$hit! I saw the guys STOP ... and still Ireland hits us with 15 yards ... that penalty in the 3rd GAVE the Dbl Blue their 3rd TD. Put them at what 40 yd line??

Now, that I can agree with.

All The guys
I have on my list are Great Buidling Blocks for next year.

As this is Positve is a thread
I won't write anything to counter this .

This list is longer than my list of fans I'm proud to call Ti-Cat supporters.

Onknight, can you please explain why you'd leave any player on our team off this list?

What's posive about saying you aren't proud of 95% of our team?

I'm not happy with this teams results either, but any player that dawns the black and gold and goes to war for us makes me proud.

Amen to that.

Just my Thoughts of their play this season.
Opinions are like Mouths everyone has one.
My List is just of Players I Feel are building blocks for next year.

Some may agree with
Some may not
That is your right as a fan and Paying Customer.

That's a little different than "Players you are proud to call TigerCats."

Don't you think?

No not really But then again for them to be our Building blocks would I not be proud of them now ???
The ones I Brought up IMO where the best of the best as of now .

I'm proud of all of our players. I don't think all of them are "building blocks", but I'm no more proud of your so-called "building blocks" then I am of our special teams players that lay their bodies on the line each and every game.

If you're saying this is a list of players you think we should build our team around for next season, then fine.

But "proud" is not the right word to use. If you mean it as it sounds, then I disagree with you. We shouldn't be any more "proud" of a star player than of the unsung heros.

In the name of Ed Gataveckas, I thank you for the last paragraph. I salute every special teams assassin to ever wear Black and Gold since the AAA Grounds hit the two bleacher mark. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Here are some other Ti Cats I am proud of......

-Terry Vaughn
-Corey Holmes
-Mark Myers
-Kamau Peterson
-DJ Flick
-Kevin Eakin
-Rob Hitchcock
-Tim Cheatwood
-Willie Quinnie
-Kwame Cavil
-Devonte Peterson
-Mike Morreale
-James Cotton
-Tad Kornegay
-Jason Goss
weren't they our "building blocks" last year.... for this year????? and so on and so on!!!!!!!!

any player that works hard game in and game out for the full sixty minutes win or lose has my vote.