After "the play" on Saturday I think the most frustrating thing for me was that nobody explained the ruling clearly.I understand a young referee being a little intimidated but you would think that at least tsn broadcasters would have a rule book handy.It seemed to me that nobody new what the rule was, even the rider coaches looked in shock that they got the ball back.

I think the referee tried to explain further what had happened, but the whole stadium started to cheer when he announced the fumble, that everything else was lost in the translation. Same as when he announced the ball on the one, the boos took over.

I understand a young referee being a little intimidated but you would think that at least tsn broadcasters would have a rule book handy.

8) Kim Murphy is not a young referee !!!!!

here's my take on the play that caused us to lose the game, after reviewing it a few times on tape...... once Dressler caught the ball, and before he turned it upfield, Moreno was going in to tackle him, but at same time Kory Dickerson was coming in, but at a different angle whereas he cut Moreno off, and dressler snuck into gap and was gone......I agreed with the refs call on the fumble...but wouldn't be talking about it if we had made the tackle earlier in play...but overall was a great game to be at and can see great things from this team for future lets get more fans out to support the team

I just wanted to drop a quick note to you guys, I'm still not wrapping my head around the play, and I have heard a thousand explanations, I would like to see something from the league better explaing the rule, althougth I'm not going to deny I was happy the ruling went in our (Riders) favor, but I was pretty confused. I personally thought it should have been spotted at the 20, Rider Ball. Anyway, I just wanted to post that I think you guys have an extremly dangerous team this year, and that bulldozer Lumsden, wow, he's is fun to watch. That guy is going to be huge, career wise, in this league. Unless it's against us, I love watching that guy hammer anyway in his way. Backed up with Printers, Miles, and even our Bauman, you have one kicking team this year. I can't wait to see Dylan Barker in action, he's another one that will go along ways in this league, he was killer in Saskatoon.

Even though the score didn't reflect it, you did not lose that game, congrats on a terrific game and congrats for the killer team you all have going on this year.

question. was the ball placed on the 1yd line because that's where it's always spotted on a fumble through the endzone, or because that's where the ref thought the fumble took place?

Because that's where Saskatchewan last had possession.

Anytime a ball is fumbled out of bounds, without being touched, it is spotted at the point of the fumble.

In this case, the one yard line.