The Plan, The Reality, The Final Confirmation

The Plan:

From late teens to early 30s, it was my plan to continue to play as much ball as I could, primarily soccer, football (tag/touch) and various forms of baseball, for the rest of my life. I always said that I was going to die of heart failure chasing a soccer ball around age 55. I mean, what the point of living if you can no longer play ball. I also expected to remain ultra skinny with high metabolism.

The Reality:

Haven't played soccer in about 40 yrs.
Haven't played football in about 30 yrs.
Haven't played any form of baseball in about 15 yrs.
I got somewhat fat. My metabolism is way too low. I am in really bad shape physically ( am mentally as well, but that is another story :slight_smile: )
I got much older than I ever wanted to.

The Final Confirmation:

Today I got my first old age money from the govt. I don't know whether to be glad or sad. sigh

How I miss playing ball. sobb

Welcome to the club, FYB

I feel your pain.

Only 47 myself.

Working nights. No time to exercise.

Sad reality.