The Pink Elephant in the Room

Ladies and gentlemen, the White stallion gallops in the room!

We’re just not on the same page right from the start.

  1. I don’t understand the level of hero worship that prompts fans to acquire a jersey with some other guy’s name on it.If I buy a jersey, it’s my jersey - not anybody else’s. Thereforeit’s going to have my number on it, and certainly no name exceptperhaps my own.

  2. Secondly, never have I had any opinion when charges are laid but “A man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.” I never go beyond that statement. Quite simply the presumption of innocence is a fundamental bulwark for us all against the arbitrary exercise of State power and a key legal protection for individuals in a free society. Why did you assume guilt on his part?

  3. And you burned the uniform! Such a waste! Why did you not simply remove his name (and perhaps number)? Or just toss the jersey in a Goodwill box to help clothe the naked and needy in some far off corner of the globe such as Mongolia?


You waited all thistime to post that?


Hopefully that’s not all you’ve got. A multi-paragraph treatise on an esoteric Canadian football related subject complete with pictures would be good.


I’m with you, I never get a players name on my jerseys. Personally, I prefer a blank one

  1. good for you? besides, #25 is what I wore when I played the game…
  2. the dude attacked his gf in a bar full of people, it was an open and shut case, to which he pled guilty, 'nuf said…
  3. it was therapeutic…

…btw, I doubt we’re in the same story, let alone the same page…

100% agree on all 3 points

…maybe he’s on AOL dial up…

No, too quick.


Well said. Average at very best but losing teams, yes losing teams offer hope with signings.
Did Riders do okay last week without??

Right on. I had to laugh watching last weeks’s Hamilton game and seeing #2’s in the stands. I didn’t see the backside … they might have said “Clements”. I dunno. ;D

Right on. I had to laugh watching last weeks's Hamilton game and seeing #2's in the stands. I didn't see the backside ....... they might have said "Clements". I dunno. ;D
The WOMAN's jerseys are all number 7, while all mine have the number 3:

Or maybe perhaps......

"Kerrigan" ?? ;D

Mike Kerrigan was an excellent QB!

Or Owens…

I was probably going a bit too far back. I’m old…

Any man that could humble the Esks in a Grey Cup is tops in my book!

It figures that Kitler would be a Bombers fan . . . brings back memories of his beloved Luftwaffe.

BTW, was the last Bomber's Grey Cup win before or after WWII? It's so long ago now, it's tough to recall. :stuck_out_tongue: