The Pink Elephant in the Room

Ok, so a few weeks have passed since the Carter trade.
Perhaps it’s time to address one of the most heated, controversial topics CFL fans have ever had in the information age: The decision of the Rider organization to sign him in the first place.
Across all CFL forums the general sentiment was this; fans of the 8 other teams said it was a bad idea, while Riderfans said it was brilliant.
We all experienced wounds, as insults were hurled at us for merely pointing out the clear obvious pattern of his behavior and how it would not end well.
Since his release, all I see or hear is Riderfans applauding the decision, saying it’s the best thing for the organization. You’d almost think they had been against his signing all along!
Very Bizarre. Yet I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers how it was up to this point.
Will any Riderfan out there admit to this sudden flip flop and now admit it was a horrible decision to sign him and reflects bad on the organization?

Why the Riders put him on defence when the guy is an elite receiver baffles me and I say something weird agenda-wise was behind that decision rather than simply the Riders trying to be the best team they can be. I mean were the Riders that deficient at the dback position and couldn’t plan for the dback makeup without putting an elite receiver there?

Call me a conspiratist of sorts, that’s fine but this was all sort of fishy to me. I don’t get it and you can be darn sure Trestman won’t make this same mistake.

Great title BTW for this thread, fits this whole situation to a tee. Something’s just weird with all of this.

…riderfan nation was split on this, I don’t think everyone was in agreement on the signing…I don’t think your request for confession is valid either, some players change over time…case in point: I once owned a #25 Reynolds jersey, thought he was the best back the stamps had for years, then whammo, assault charge (on a woman no less) and that jersey got burned in the backyard fire pit…

Please provide proof where all you see is “Riderfans applauding the decision”. If you go onto the Rider Prider Fan Page on FB most people were peeved off they let their “best” receiver go and they were ready to lynch Chris Jones. This is not to say there weren’t any applauding the decision but the op insinuates everyone was onside with the move, which is totally false. Me thinks White Stallion Gallops is just doing his best to get some Rider fans riled up.

Those 73 catches for 1,043 yards and 8 TD’s last year sure looks stupid on the Riders for signing Carter. SMH.


Reynolds was a great Stamp back and played many years for us without a shadow of controversy.

No one is questioning Carter’s ability! Yes 73 catches for 1043 yards and 8 TDs is good!
He wasn’t released for his play was he ?
It was all “the other stuff”

Look at the riders own fan site, and don;t look at the initial reactions, look at the ones that occurred
in the days that followed after you (luckily) beat the Stamps

You lost me at “trade.” After that, any other views you expressed didn’t really matter much.

Release not trade

Carter needs a tough HC or he would become a cancer to the team. That is why Jacques Chapdelaine didn’t lose time in 2016. Among the nine HC in the CFL who might be able to handle Carter, Chris Jones was one of them. It was somewhat successful last year when Duron was an explosive receiver.

This year however Carter must have been upset to play defense, while most people here didn’t understand this move from Chris Jones. Luckly for Argos fans however, Trestman is a HC who has enough autority and prestige to put Carter in his place if he does the clown to much. If he still doesn’t understand after all those years, Trestman will not lose time, like Chapdelaine before him.

how ironic will it be if Carter becomes a main reason the ALs don’t make the playoffs.

…I don’t disagree, but for me I need to like the person before I like the player…not saying anyone needs to think like that but I do…the example I gave was only to offer that fans can change their mind over time about a player, exhalt them one day and trash them the next…

Yeah. You are right about that. Good point

I've raised this point in a few other threads.

"White Stallion Gallops" is the instigator of all of the crap that went down at the 3downnation comments sections.
He has a serious hate on for the Roughriders and their fans and makes comments against them at every turn, even if a story had nothing to do with the Riders.

I hope the administrators here are watching his posts and threads (like this one) closely. They lead to a toxic environment.

Btw, this thread belongs in the Roughrider forum since he is asking for comments from Roughrider fans., yeah that’s not going to happen...matter and anti-matter don’t mix well...

...for what it’s worth though, the point of this thread is lost on me, so what if some people cheered Carter’s signing back in the day? Not sure what the big deal is...

I guess I’m just handing out a little just desert! For being told how stupid I was for suggesting the Duron Carter/ Chris Jones arrangement would end badly, followed by the denial or non acknowledgement that this was ever the case.

…carrying around those grudges must be tiring…

…for what it’s worth I don’t feel it ended in the train wreck you’re making it out to be…DC is a talented receiver, but he had a major flaw in his playing attitude on offense that necessitated his move to cornerback…when that played out he was let go…I’m no fan of Chris Jones by any stretch but I can see the guy tried his best to give DC every opportunity to succeed…

Yes, Chris Jones did give Carter every chance to succeed, more than he should have, and Carter failed everytime.
His bonus is now a cap burden, A LOT of special time was given to Carter to keep him in line.
All of this was for not. To me this, combined with the bad press, makes this a disaster.

…a disaster? I dunno about that, a distraction for sure, but you watch…having dealt with the problem before the back-to-back Bombers games and with said Bombers in a bit of a tailspin with their own problems Sask could walk away with two W’s in a row and this ‘disaster’ as you put it could be well forgotten about in short order…

yes it will be forgotten, in fact with 2 straight wins, it already has. Save for the 1000’s of Carter jersey’s out there.
But that doesn’t change my original point.