The Pierce deal.... a weird one I must say...dont' get me wrong, I think he is a competent QB and yes BC's #1, but is he Ricky Ray Anthony Calvillo good 'cause that is the money Wally dished his way?..... I'd have to say no he is not a A+ pivot, he is a solid B when he is healthy, which hasn't been an entire season yet... also sends a message to Jackson that sorry bro, you're not even going to get a sniff of the big money now, and what does that do to JJ's psyche going forward?...

...Wally also just set a high bar for QBs equal to or better than Bucky....Hank and KJ I'm sure are smiling today knowing that if Pierce is commanding that kind of dough then they surely should be worth an equal opinion, the signing of Pierce is good, the amount is not....

TSN reports it as a 2+1 deal worth $930,000

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But the province reports it as being $310,000 / year, if he meets all the incentives.

It's Kevin Glenn money, not Printers / Ray money.

Oh wait, Printers isn't making any money. My bad.

Yep. I have him ranked 5th---behind Ray, Calvillo, Burris(all making in the 450k range), Joseph(likely in the 350k range) and then Buck. So Buck is about 150k a year below the top guys but still ahead of 1st year starters, Porter, Lefors and Durant. Kevin Glenn is in the low 200s. As for JJ, I didn't think it was an issue? Buck, if he is healthy is clearly number one in BC and JJ is lucky to still be employed at all..... but for the record, he just re-signed a few weeks ago as well, so he knows the pecking order....

And Printers might be making money---doesn't 7/11 have a pretty decent benefits package as well?

Don't look at Buck right now, look at him in 2-3 years. I bet you that's what Wally is thinking. This guy has a ton of talent and is extremely accurate. AC has a few years left in him, he is getting pretty old and RR isn't far behind. As long as our O-line can protect him, I see no reason why Bucky can't be the league's next top QB.

soooo you pay a guy for the future in a 2 year deal???? makes a whole lot of no sense. and Ricky Ray has at least 5 solid years left. Buck Pierce for 930,000 haha oh jee thts a horrible signing..especially for his injuries

…the way I heard it first was 2 years $930K…so $465K per year…Ullrich says its $310K so includes the option year which makes it a little easier to understand I guess…

Pretty good money for a guy who has been pretty inconsistent as a QB.
I still like Jarius ahead of him.

Jarious?? He's a model of inconsistancy. The only knock against Buck is he has been injured, most worryingly in his throwing shoulder. Otherwise when he is healthy he is a great QB.
Also Wally has been a pretty good judge of QBs in the past, I doubt he'll start losing his marbles quite yet.

Not me, Jarius has a better arm and running ability.
True though both have been inconsistent.

Yes the numbers do seem high, but Pierce has been compared to a Younger Dave Dickenson. MAybe by the end of the 2010 season we will be able to see how that comparison works out.

Argotom: Pierce makes better decisions than Jackson. Too many times Jackson tries to force the ball and BANG! Its intercepted.

At least by signing Pierce to that contract, it might keep the egomaniac, cancer driving Casey Printers away from the team.

Sportie, you are right about his decision making. However, with the arm and running possibility JJ has a better upside and is more dangerous when a big play is required. Maybe at the end of the day these two are the best due in the league and literally play off each other.

Neither BC QB gives up easy INTs. Jarius is very cautious of turnovers while passing, which hurts his stats. Over the past two seasons JJ has passed for 35 TDs with 20 INTs for 4720 yds and 55% passing...while Buck has amassed 24 TDs with 12 INTs for 4030 yds and 64% passing. No Danny McManus's in that grouping.

Buck's salary is $310,000 maximum, including bonuses and incentives. So his base salary is probably around $250,000.

exactly. what has this guy proven to deserve this kind of money?
never made it thu a season healthy, start to finish. hasn't won a post-season game.
he gets hot for a few games, then cold or injured. then JJ has to come in.

wally gave away too $$$ way too soon.

I think part of the money was to keep him from the NFL. If he got backup QB money, he'd go south and sit as a #4 and make more. Then the Lions would just have Jarious and no real backup. We'd be in a lot of trouble then.
I still think it was the right decision even if the money was a bit high.

It was a high price.

Wally has a thing for QB's though. Lets talk about it again in 2010.

whats going to happen to jarious you ask?

he can come be the starter in winnipeg if he wants... ill welcom him with open arms

I believe he is still under contract for this year and an option next year. I doubt Wally will let him go unless he really feels Zac Champion (great last name eh?) can step up. And he may, he looked great the few times he was able to play last year.

Starter in Winnipeg?

I thought Marty York reported that Casey Printers would be your starter! :wink: :wink:

Be scared! Be very scared! :lol: :lol:

Come on, Sporty... just because the guy is try to poach your QB doesn't mean you have to lash out at him like that. :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Drummer took the words right out of my mouth. I think he could be a good QB when he's healthy... but that's WHEN he's healthy. He hasn't done anything to deserve a large paycheck. I'll laugh if he gets injured again this season.