The Phsycological Side

What’s REALLY on their mind?? I know the team has made it clear that consistency has been a problem and they feel they have it under control, mainly with a consistent line up. But some starting players are out this week. Adjustments have to be made. They have seen videos of what it takes to win games, and had pep talks from the coaching staff. But still, will that be enough? The up and down season, the fact that they have lost 9 of their last ten games in Edmonton. even with good leads, they have thrown games away in the late going. These things have to haunt them. These things have to be playing on their minds going into tonight’s game. Can they overcome these ghosts? Once the kickoff takes place, can they put all this behind them? If they can overcome any doubts and stay focused, I believe they should come away with the win. But if the mental clouds start to roll in, well, we may be in trouble.

They have this thing on the Internet now called Spell Check.


It's their road record that's actually hurting them. They're actually above .500 at home but only have one win all season on the road. It might be a lack of focus due to time zone change, jet lag, and unfamiliar surroundings. Who knows? Maybe the players even go check out the club scene in a new city and end up hung over for the game.

This is actually a very good topic because I think that this is what's the true problem here. It's certainly not the talent level. The last 3 games have really demonstrated this wildly inconsistent phenomenon and it definitely appears to be psychological.

It is totally about the talent on this team. Sadly this team does not have the talent to be able to perform on a consistent basis. The lack of talent is the direct result of BO and the TiCat management in not recruiting enough good players. (yes we have some) and the Coaching staff who cannot seem to motivate this team to play. When the players have to demonstrate that they made the one tackle, the one interception or the one good run, they are just positioning themselves to look good because they know themselves they under perform.

This to me is a contradiction. A lack of talent is demonstrated by a team that is a perpetual loser. Not one that can blow out a team 51-8 and then lose to the same team a couple weeks later. That's caused by a lack of mental focus or desire to achieve.

What a weird collapse.

The tabbies open the 2nd half with a terrific TD drive, then shhit the bed after that.

Remember that little dump pass to Walker who scampered for a big gain just before re ran right into his tackler that was being blocked? Instant FG range.


Two consecutive losses, putting them out of FG range, followed by a good punt that goes out of bounds on the 8 yd line.

What happens next? A 92 yard TD drive aided by 3 penalties. It was at this point that the decent defense from the first half disappeared.

Burris goes deep and gets picked by the safety.

Joseph goes deep, TD, safety way out of the picture. Almost the same play.

4th quarter score

Eskimos 18
Tiger-Cats 0

Walker 2 rushes, -6 yards
Cobourne 13 rushes for 86 yards.

Why did Hamilton abandon the run game in the 2nd half?

5-9 Tiger-Cats going up against the B.C. Lions and the stadium unveiling is now rendered to a "who gives a rat's a$$" anymore.

I think this loss defined the team and their 2012 season, especially if they get bumped by the crossover.

Oh, and another thing.

Whycan't this team ever lose a well played, hard fought game?

Why do they have to be so pathetically crappy in their losses. The other team doesn't beat them. The tabbies give the games away when they lose.

That's what's so frustrating to watch.

No doubt coach Creehan will be the fall guy.

Agree completely, Cap.
The offence astounds me. They put up all kinds of numbers and stats but consistently misfire at the worst possible moment, dropped passes, INTs in the red zone like the one that Hank clearly tried to force in Edmonton. And lousy play selection to turn sure field goals with the exceptionally accurate Congi, into losses and subsequently punts.
The defence plays solidly for a while but never seems to be able to get a stop when we need one. And there always seems to be one guy on each team that we just can't cover no matter what (Kackert, Stamps,etc). Stamps is a heck of player but wow?! ...and Kackert, really?
Every other week (ish) we see the tools that this team has, and when they are utilized effectively they certainly look like Grey Cup contenders. Then the next week or two are ultimately exercises in frustration and we wonder why we traveled anywhere to watch this team on the road.