The 'Phantom' Catch

Irony doesn't get much better than this folks.

The league itself posts a highlight clip of Fred Stamps - rolling over a ball he drops between his legs, which hits the turf before he scoops it up - and advertises it as a "must watch".

Any wagers how long it stays up for? long as any other one stays up. what do I win?

It was a drop and not a completed pass. Wonder why Austin didn't challenge that. . .

You’re right that look like it bobbled between his legs and wasn’t a catch. I don’t remember that “catch” did it lead to Montreal getting any points?

[quote="MadJack"]It was a drop and not a completed pass. Wonder why Austin didn't challenge that. . .[/quote
good question, maybe because he didn't see it clearly and it seemed like last night the next play was happening before they even showed a replay, maybe he wasn't given a chance.

Ruled a catch, really can't see conclusive evidence that the ball did in fact touch the ground. Up to Austin to challenge it, they showed the catch enough times when it was made.

I said it before, I'll say it again Kim Murphy is not the best of referees and many know it from professionals to amateurs to lounge lizard arm chair QB fans like me.

The Consistency of calls in the CFL is not there at all. When one player drops a ball but it's ruled a catch and another catches the ball clearly near the turf and it's ruled a drop something is wrong?

The other one that ticks me off is when a player is hit clearly out of bounds, sometimes called, sometimes not but the infraction definitely took place beyond the sideline. If one defender lays a heavy hit on an offensive player in bounds and knocks through the video boards out of bounds no call should be made, it's a clean in bounds hit unlike hammering the guy out of bounds.


No it didn't. Right after that Montreal tried 3 QB sneaks in a row and the Cats' defence stuffed all three.

Not sure if it was a catch or that it would have been overturned but the Als put the ball back in play before the replays, Austin was probably expecting Cato to go out and Bridge come in and the Als just put the ball back in play. Smart heads up stuff.

As soon as I saw the catch it real time, I yelled that Austin should throw the challenge flag immediately. Very dumb move by Austin.

The DB signaled immediately that it hit the ground. He could not use a flag-throwing motion to signal to Austin to throw the challenge flag, because that's a penalty in the CFL.

Just re-watched it. They showed the replay 3 times before the next play. Fault Austin for not throwing the challenge flag, don't fault the officials as on the replays there is no conclusive evidence that it wasn't a catch.

From what I remember, they didn't show the replay that best showed the ball hit the turf until after the next play. Also remember the broadcast delay - what is it, ten seconds?

Smart move by Green. Injured on the play and knowing he hadn't caught the ball cleanly, he staggered to his feet and stayed in the game to make sure there wasn't an injury timeout. That prevented the Ticat spotters from seeing the replay in time to throw the challenge. Good situational awareness on his part.

And HfxTC, it definitely wasn't a catch. And if the Command Centre had reviewed it and had not overturned it, Austin would have been calling for Jake Ireland to be fired immediately, if not sooner.

No catch. The ball hit the turf and then was scooped up and trapped. Led to no points as the D stuffed them on the one yard line.

I, too am surprised Kent did not challenge. DB saw it clearly.

It's up to the spotters and coaches upstairs to inform the coach of what they're seeing, the coaches don't necessarily wait to see it on the video board.

Why do people continue to blame the head ref when they don't like a call? Murphy was 45 yards away from the play watching the QB


This. they didnt show the right replay until it was too late. Sometimes i think TSN does this on purpose.

TSN showed the replay 4 times before the next snap but I don't think the spotter has to wait for a TV replay.

I think the reason Austin didnt challenge is because the replay is inconclusive

And my mistake, it was Stamps who was injured. But there is a shot of Green talking to Stamps, and basically turning him back towards the play. So I suspect Stamps told him that he hadn't actually caught it, at which time Green told him to stay in for the one play so they could get it off before Austin could throw the challenge flag.

So heads up play by one of them, but probably Green.