The Perks of being a Season ticket holder…

Being a season ticket hold can have its perks… at least for BC Lions fans.

I was surfing around looking for some details on Fred Moore and why he was released by BC… (I guess a little water on the knee, but drained) when I fell upon their link for Season Tickets Holders…

It appears they have this “orange card� that gives them discounts on local business. Check it out at

Come on Lonnie… I want a “Gades-Pass� for free things like:

  • free rides to the game on OCTranspo,
  • discount on my beer and food in the stands
  • discount at restaurants around FCS
  • discount at OilChangers or Mr Lube
  • a member of the danceteam…hmmm, never mind… my wife is standing over my shoulder.

What else do they get???
:: Guaranteed savings of up to 40% off walk-up prices
:: Reserved seat for all ten home games
:: First rights on your seats for playoffs
:: Exclusive Season Ticket Holder gift
:: BC Lions Orange Card with sponsor discounts
:: BC Lions Team Picture
:: Opportunity to attend private Lions events
:: Exclusive Newsletter

And this is the kicker… the best seat in the house for the season costs $500. I guess Gades charge me $450 but its all the extra charges and I don’t get a team photo. I think this is a pretty good deal as cost of living must be more in Vancouver than in Ottawa.

Pictures? We don't get any pictures.
This is what a Blue Bomeber Season ticket holder gets.
25% off bomber gear.
first shot a playoff tickets
free ride to and from game on Winnipeg Transit with bomber ticket.
8 cents off gas a Domo gas if they when with ticket.
My tickets cost, tax and 10% entertain tax(effn city)..$380....17 rows up on the 30 yard line. I also have a student ticket that every season ticket holder can buy for a child 15 and under for $100.00. Overall not a bad deal.

Man to think of all the cash I would have saved with a beer boggles the mind :shock:

Lonie's an idea guy you can bet that next year they will show up with a good package for tix owners.

Gotta expect status quo for now cause they just got the team.

Holy crap! I get nothing with my stamps tickets!

Granted they're only $140 ... but that's after a student discount, and it's in the 45th row (at least it's on the 55).
All we get with that is a car sticker and 15% of off merch at the Stamp's store ...

That is a really good deal in BC!
I would think to promote people that don't want the hassle/price of parking they would get OC transpo on board for a free ride within 1-2 hours of game time with your ticket. Get people on the bus (good for OC) and to the game (good for Gades).
I really think ticket holders should get some discount off food though - what's 15-25%? it would increase sales by at least that...
Someone at the Gades better be reading this forum...