The Perfect Storm?

As bad as the Cats were last night, the viewers had to listen to Gord and Matty(Getter Done) Dunigan. If the game is televised in the states, Matt's southern twang increases exponentially. I couldn't take it anymore and hit the mute button. It was a relief after being exposed to TSN's version of Duck Dynasty. The CHML crew helped me get through the second half of a terrible game. Dunigan is so bad that he makes "Suits" look good. Thank the baby Jesus for Duane Forde. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Agree, broadcast was flippant. Dunnigan made mention of King twice yet never mentioned why he was back there in the first place, ditto Tasker.

Pat, could you start a new thread on the O Line and give your assessment please?

I try to watch the game and
not focus on the announcers. In the 3/4 of the game I watched, yep, I turned it off, they spent most of the time comparing stats of all of the teams. At least they were accurate not like Mr. Black

TSN try's so hard to be the ESPN or ABC of CFL Football, just look at the opening montage of Friday Night Football with the female singer and animated graphics, just a copy of ABC's Monday Night Football, No imagination, they just copy everything the American's do including having Matt Dunigan and his Southern Drawl on Air, who cares about the Canadian Fans it's all about attracting fans south of the border for TSN, we pay for our Cable and Satellite subscriptions so Americans can watch another version of Football played somewhere in a place called Canada and actually many Americans want to know why we don't play on ice because they think 90% of Canada is ice and snow.

TSN needs to get rid of every CFL broadcaster, replace them all with a new identity, new Canadian look moving forward and stop trying to be so American, No imagination, nothing unique and many unhappy fans.

Well the game was NOT broadcast in the US - I have no problem with someone's accent whether it's Dunigans Alabama accent, he does live there off season, I don't have a problem with "coach Sals" southern accent, or one of them Newfie slurring accents or that Brit or Aussie accent.
It's about what they say not their accent

Gotta agree....

Gord Miller's not a bad play by play guy,but,Dunigan needs to remain in the studio and be heared from as little as possible...His constant goofy cheerleading is as annoying as Rod Black's goofiness...

On second thought,can we trade Black for Miller and keep Dunigan in the studio?

Actually, Dunigan lives in Texas but that is neither hither nor yon.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)