The penalty

However weak it was, it was a penalty but there is an illegal block on almost every punt. Should it have been called? If not, the Calgary fans would be extremely upset but the last thing the league wants is refs to decide a game, which, in the end, they were a factor in today's decision. Great season by the cats. We will get them next year.


I wish I could agree with you. I really do, but it was right in front of the ref in the biggest game of the year. Like a lot of us have mentioned. I believe Banks would have out ran him anyway.

We will be back but it’s a hard pill to swallow right now.

I posted this in the game day thread:

I thought that there was a very obvious hold on Parades on the kick return by Banks when he was around the Calgary 40 yard line that wasn't called. It too was unnecessary as there is no way he would have caught Banks, but either way that play deserved to come back.

Edit: Although if this had been the penalty they had called and had missed the clipping call on Reid they still would have started their final drive about 50 yards further ahead instead of on their 10 yard line.

Double edit: As far as the original question goes, I personally believe that clipping penalty should have been and deserved to be called.

100 % was a penalty. Not even disputable imo

Just saw the penalty it was obvious , to bad Hamilton you guys have a great future and are going to be a team to be reckoned with i do not even think there is another team that would have given Calgary the game it got today.

well done we will see you next year Danny from Vancouver what a grey cup one of the best.

The penalty cost us the game. But Tank Reed is a good young player who will learn from his mistakes. On Edwards' twitter feed, Reed already took full responsibility for his penalty, which shows maturity.

What this team needs is an import receiver who will get us TD's in the red zone(that cost us big-time today). Hello, S.J. Green???????????????????

This just tweeted:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 49s49 seconds ago #Ticats @Tank_Reed1911 “I take full responsibility. It’s my fault.?
In the Vanier Cup game, it was about the blocked kick. This win is being considered about the penalty.

But as I said before, it's never about one play. The offence could not put it in the end zone except once.


He made a mistake, but I feel terrible for the guy. There is plenty of "blame" to go around for this loss, even though there were lots of positives as well. Time of possession difference was brutal. That's on the offense for not producing and on the defence for not making enough stops early on. Failing to capitalize in the red zone really bit them this game.

Yes, Bob exactly, the inability to put it in the end zone. This team never gave up and when it looked almost like another repeat of last year, the Cats fought back and were the better team in the 2nd half. So close.

Good call. It was a penalty. Gutsy second half by the Cats.

No real complaints about the officiating today.

Here's the penalty play.

[url=] ... k-1.148486[/url]

It was, unfortunately, a fitting end to our season. Decided by a penalty. The TSN guys keep praising BLM. But regardless of what happened, it came down to one play decided by the zebras. It was obvious. Too bad because Banks had that guy beat.oh, we'll next year will be better :rockin:

Doug Brown ?@DougBrown97 27m27 minutes ago
And the 102nd Grey Cup is decided by the officials.

Horsecrap PI call on Sinkfield was significant.

Yes, yes and yes again. Hate to see Reed take it all on his back. Lots of blame to go around.

Sadly, I think that was the right call. Sinkfield pretty much just drove straight into the DB and tackled him.

Way I saw it was routine contact and DB pulled him down with him. How many times all year have seen that called and they go and call it in a GC game. Very weak.

I thought the game was well played and called. Not a ton of penalties. Action filled. No long delays.

I think it's Tasker's fault. The curse was passed on from father to son. (smile)

I agree the last call was legit, but I'm still confused on a few things. #1 I noticed that both teams got away with blocks in the back throughout the game, why did the refs decide to all of sudden calling it in the final minute after letting it go all game long? That's what really annoyed me about the whole thing.

#2 why wasn't the game clock reset? Since the TD didn't count why did the clock stay at 33 seconds? I don't understand that at all. Does anyone know why that was?