The Peg is in Red

Despite increasing revenue Winnipeg turned a net lost last season.

Tough running a CFL franchise...5 sellouts, a strong teams and coming of hosting the Grey Cup and the Peg was in the red.

net loss of $264,000 in 2007.

that not bad .. Could have been 1 millon or more

Well if the Cats aren't selling out, have had a poor team, a relatively new owner and havent had a Grey Cup in several years...I would tend to believe the Cats are losing a decent amount of dough.

They broke even really when you read the report which isnt bad. They made 3 mil the year before.

And over the last several years they've been working at paying off their debt that they incurred during the Jeff Reinboldt era.

Despite the five sellouts, $2.3 million from staging the Grey Cup and $700,000 from switching divisions in 2006 they still lost money. Which proves that you need more than fans in the seats to make money in the CFL.

Asper is counting on a new stadium that will be part of a commercial complex. This is similar to what the new ownership goup in Ottawa is pushing for. Let the ownership group run the stadium and commercial development and maybe they can make some money.