"The Passion of the Glenn"

I've given Kevin Glenn the benefit of the doubt this year after his trauma in the TO game in last season's East Final, but after that pathetic display in Regina, we might have seen KG's last start as a Bomber.

Bomberland might as well call this season "The Passion of the Glenn." We've seen Berry flog Glenn into hamburger all season; now it's time to see Kevin Glenn nailed to a cross and watch him die for all the Bombers' sins, which are many.

KG's last words...."I can see the end-zone from up here..."

According to Berry's information, what he has, what he reads, that Glenn's character is undaunting. It means, yeah, we have no better alternative. Unconventional as that is.

I think i know where Crandell is going :wink:

Probably for an MPI detuctable, maybe.

we signed timmy chang