The Panel

I miss Schultz. I came across a hint/rumour that there was issue between him and stegall last year. I don't like MS on the panel. He talks too much, argues to much and is too combative. If it was a choice between the two, no contest. I would rather they have Jock instead of MS.

It is somewhat surprizing to me that they are so silent on this.

I miss him too, but if he can't get along with everyone it's probably best that he not be there. I don't know that that's true though. Perhaps he's just busy with other stuff, or doesn't want to do it. Until he actually speaks up it's all negative speculation. Pinning the blame on Stegall based on rumour is very unfair.

So Rod Smith is vacating the panel hosting duties on Thursdays to give way to Kate Beirness? Is that how I understand it?

I heard Schultzie ask a question on one the conference calls that CFL teams hosted a few weeks ago (I can't recall if it was BC or someone else). Good to know that he's still around the game.

I read that Davis Sanchez is coming on board the panel on a p/t basis. And there will be more sightings of Burris.

I'm not a fan of Stegall on this panel in the least. I too miss Shultz.

I'll be interested to see Sanchez in this role. They described him as being a youthful vision to the show. And he's almost 45!

...get Nik Lewis in there...

Why? Do you want to see if your new wide screen is working properly? :wink:

Shultzie was the best........we need him back.
Heck, Climie is also much better then Milt and I get he is a lawyer in Ottawa not able to come down every weekend.

I always felt Shultz was a good panelist. He really knew his stuff. I miss him too.....I thought Jock lived in Tor. I used to see him jogging up and down Broadview Ave close to where my mother used to live in East York. I still like Milt. He brings some spice to the show.

Schultz’s limited airtime seemed to coincide with the Nerd’s (Randorf) departure… it will be interesting to see Bierness on the panel… makes it somewhat watchable… I was never a big fan of Shultz’s, and I don’t mind Stegall, he stirs it up… which was sorely needed.

I am not a fan of Bierness. She does nothing for me. Is she there for her prowess in football knowledge, I wonder ?


Yes, seems like a fun person. Nice enough lady, but that VOICE... :-\

Jock is a lawyer with a practice that has offices in Ottawa and Toronto, so it's likely he's back and forth.
I thought Schultz was spending more time the past couple of years being the NFL analyst for TSN. He's listed on the TSN website as the NFL analyst.

You can’t take TSN seriously about refreshing their CFL coverage until they ride us of Rod Black.

Gonna be ok with the panel no matter who is on there. Its not my decision so why worry about it? It's not like we need to have a certain personality present in order to understand the game is it?

Excited about the CFL 2018 Edition!

I don't really care about the panel. Dunnigan can be great and he can be horrid (ie telling us there is no contact in camp).

The commentating in games is just putrid at times though. I am all for the side stories and everything...but not at the expense of missing game and I would appreciate some actual play breakdown as opposed to talking non-stop about the topic of the week...which is Johnny Football at the moment. I get it...big story. Understandable to bring it up. Not 27 times though. All the side stories...they add some depth that a lot of people like...don't stop em, but it should never take over the game, and it does far too often.

I have a Schultz sighting to report. Watching a late airing of cfl season preview on tsn, I could swear I saw and heard the big man, not on the panel but in the building with I think Derek Taylor. Cant help but think that if he is as healthy as he looked and sounded, there just has to be an issue with stegall.

Right you are FYB. I saw him do a segment with Rod Smith. It was nice to see him once again.

How do you spell!! Sanchez, Burris, Milt, Black?? OUCH!!!!!!!!! All terrible minor league at best.

True dat. Milt is Milt and Schultzie is Schultzie - two different type of men - but essentially both wind-up toys - you wind them up and they pretty much do the same thing panel in and panel out.

If Schultzie got miffed with Milt and couldn't handle the back-talk he had the choice to back out of the panel. His choice, nothing to do with Milt. Schultz is lucky they rolled him back to other paid roles on TSN - even though its obvious he's verboten on The Panel.

Davis Sanchez is performing a bit above low expectations. Would have preferred Sumo Sam, aka Doug Brown - Brown is a verbal dynamo but he's got a really big job selling medical supplies in Manitoba so he's unavailable.

Bubba Barker showed why he was shown the exit door in Winnipeg after the Joe Mack experiment concluded. He's brash and truthful - the board members in Winnipeg would have been running for the hills during his initial interview. Last thing they want in Winnipeg is a brash southern truth-tellerwho wears sandals in winter. But its OK for their head coach to wear Bermuda shorts in the early winter outdoors!

Jocko is OK, but gradually losing touch with the game. Dunigan is the obvious superstar, Milt a close 2nd. They're now doing a lot of 2 man panel. Frankly, I preferred the 3 man yaps.

if there is an issue between the two, I back Schultz. If he decided that he didn't want to be on the panel with Milt, that is simply choice, not a matter of cant handle. As for what he is still doing for TSN, I am sure they are happy to havehim doing anything. Not a matter of luck.