the pain isn't over yet!!!

We have to watch the ARGO's win another Grey Cup!!
at HOME none the less.

OH the pain of it all!! :thdn: :thdn: :cry:

That's not a sure thing yet.

And, it would be great to see them lose a Grey Cup at home. I'd love to see some close ups of crying Argos fans on the CBC. :wink:

I think the Riders will take it this year.

I think the Lions will.

Those Pukes from Hogtown will never go all the way...Look for the bombers to take them out...

Those Argos are getting stronger by the
minute, they cleaned the riders good this
weekend. Only BC has a chance to stop them.
and its hard to beat the Argos at home!!
Anybody like to put a spell on them???
Like Bishop gets injured in the first quarter.

BC or Sask, the double blue have no offense

god i hope its the lions,

even calgary would be better than the other four teams

as much as I hate to type all this... Argos to win grey cup. there D is absoutley insane.

Since 1945 (start of existing CFL)
ARGO's 10 grey cups
CAT's 8 grey cups

If argo's win grey cup this year it will
be 11 cup's to our 8
Their pulling way from us.
we will never catch up in my life time!!