The Pain Game Sunday

Iam thinking the Sask team will try and use Xcats to inflict big pain on the TiCats and their fans. Till-Man will try and show use what a great trader and developer of talent he is and why we should of hired him when he was on pogey. What do you think.:roll:

I think I don't really care. He can do what he has to do. Obviously some of our former players are out to prove something and I suppose I don't really blame them. The bottom line for me is that trade were made and whether I agree with them or not, what's done is done and I'm done complaining about it (and quite tired of hearing about it actually). We'll see what they can do versus what our guys can do and leave it at that.

Sounds like your getting numb BG.

" We'll see what they can do versus what our guys can do and leave it at that. " i quite like that attitude.

regardless, some of the players in question were not used properly, or in some cases utilized at all in Hamilton.

I don't think they'll be out to prove anything, I think thier new coach will just let them play were they (previously proved) can make a difference.

Flick, Grant, Holmes, Boreham, Gordon, Justin, Smith. maybe a few more, all former cats.

Not at all. I'm just getting tired of hearing about all the guys we've lost and what they're doing now. I'm happy for the guys who are doing well. Good for them. I don't wish them any ill will, but it's over and done with and for most of these guys it's been almost an entire season that they've been gone. I think it's time to move on and focus on what can be done to improve the team and not what was done wrong.

Borehamgirl, as usual, you have hit the nail squarely on the head. I agree completely.

Agree, who the hell cares what they do. :thdn:

:lol: I bet you will when all of those guys waltz east and west on that nice new turf at good ol' IWS. In fact, i'd almost put money down that cats fans will be all "why did we let them go again?" hahaha. I love Hamilton! does anyone remeber AC gettin' chased out of towne? or does the whole city have a sort of convienient amnisia?

oh, and to go back to the original point of the thread. Yes, sask. will use those Xcats to take the W over ham. as any successful organization, they will take talented players and utilize them by providing oportunities for the athletes to perform.

I'd like to cite a single example. Corey Holmes, 2005 All Purpose Yards League Leader. 2006? umm, there seems to be blank spot on your resume mr. Holmes. anyone catch what i'm driftin' at?

Either way i'll be at the game going scktzophrenic over who to root for, and it'll be a blast!

a Rider-Cats Fan

Big time "W" coming for the Riders (probably 2 "W"'s): glad we can be part of the historic march to their first home playoff game in a long time. Green Hot!

Well I for one am not expecting a blowout by the green and white I hope that the ticats can put up a good match for us because we need all the tough and hard W's we can get if were ever gonna beat BC