The Owner

Please everyone lay off the owner.
We could be like Ottawa is right now.

He is a smart guy and I believe will make the changes necessary to turn it around.

I think He is discovering that to produce winning teams you must have a tough guy like a Ralph Sazio in your organization to do it!

Lets hope He is looking for one!

Exactly..we have the best owner in the league, we probably wouldn't exist right now without Bob. While last nights game was awful we know that the organization is trying everything they can to turn this franchise into a winner, on and off the field. What more can we ask for?

Katz is a tough guy, believe it.

if the players were trying as hard as the organization, .500!

Maybe the GM has to go!

we could be like ottawa right now yes. couple years we r going to be ottawa.. so yes, i blame the owners.