The overtime question

So I was sort-of watching the Green Bay/Detroit game, and the biggest cheer of the overtime session was when Green Bay won the coin toss. They then won the game on their first possession. Say what you will about the NFL, but the one thing that I think is absolutely asinine is its sudden-death OT format. I'd really like to see stats on how often the team winning the coin toss wins the game. To me, not giving the other team a chance to respond is as bad as not letting the home team bat in the bottom half of the inning (assuming they're down, of course). Or not letting the other shooter go in a shootout. Analogy: Can you imagine if the NHL decided that a single breakaway - not a shootout - would decide the hockey game? And there was a coin flip to see which team shot? The shootout is bad enough, but that would be worse!

As for the CFL, I quite like the shootout, but I don't see what was wrong with the 2 5:00 halves. In any case, the shootout is very fun to watch, and a good format (unlike in the NHL), but one change I would make is to have teams start from the 50, not the 35. Starting from the 35 means you're already in field-goal range (42-yarder). I think you should have to work to get a FG. IMO, a FG is a reward for advancing the ball far enough up the field ... you shouldn't be handed those 3 points right off the bat!

What I’ve heard from statistice is it’s around 55-45 for the team that wins the coin toss in the NFL overtime. I prefer the CFL ot but agree that it should be moved back to the 50 yard line to take away the for sure (or should be for sure) field goal.

An interesting note: In 1985 the monsters of the midway, aka the Bears, won the coin toss and chose to kick-off. They ended up winning the game.

Agree i hate the NFL overtime, they really need to address this issue. I wouldn't even mind them making it a rule that both teams need to have a possession in overtime, therefore not really making it the luck of the flip. So say you win the coin toss and you go down in score a fieldgoal, the other team has a chance with a regular kickoff.

The biggest problem the NFL has with overtime is it does increase injuries. By overtime both teams are physically and mentally spent. I call this the John Madden rule. I can understand his arguement, its not what fans want to hear but its a reality of the game. Having played many overtimes in my career you want to win, but you also feel lightheaded, after all the hits.

NFL OVER TIME SUCKS!!! and that is enough said about that, no wonder people like the NCAA better. :roll:

I have a question for you guys, what kinds of OT formats has the CFL tried since the OT was invernted in the 1970's? You have the Shotout format now, did they CFL used to do the NFL one way back???

Those 3 points aren’t always a gimme…Just ask the BC and Saskatchewan fans! LOL

If I were to guess I would say that the coin toss winner won the game 80% of the time. At least for the games I have seen.

I didn't like the shootout at first but it has grown on me now. The problem with the 2 5 minutes halves is that most times the team that starts off on offence would eat up about 3.5 to 4 minutes of the clock and not give the other team much time .

So tell me if this is correct.

since the introduction of OT, the CFL has had two formats:

  1. another 10 minute quarter, team with the best score at the end wins, if no winner, another quarter until a winner or game over in a tie

  2. a shoot out style tie, where both teams have 2 chances to score from the 35 yard line (I wish it was from the 50 teams fifty) until a winner or a tie. coin toss to decide who goes first and which end zone, etc.

I’m getting close?

no not even close
go read them again

Originally, CFL overtime was two 10-minute halves. Both halves were played, each starting with a kickoff, regardless of what the score was after one was finished. If the game was still tied after both halves were done, a regular-season game would be counted as a tie, while a playoff/Grey Cup game would go into two more 10-minute halves, and so on until a winner was decided.

Eventually the league shortened regular-season overtime to two 5-minute halves, while post-season remained 10-minutes. Then the post-season changed to two 5-minute halves as well.

That's the way it was right up until the "shootout" was instituted a few years ago. At first a team losing in overtime would get one point in the standings, but that was done away with after a couple of seasons.

halves are like quarters right?

and if a remember the last GC correctly, there was a coin toss before the players played to decide who go the ball and what end zone is which. right?

I'm trying my best to understand.

No halves are not like quarters.
At the end of a quarter the team with the ball keeps the ball but changes sides. After the end of a half regardless of who has the ball they kick off again.

but it was pretty much like an extra quarter, wasn't it?