The Ottawa Steelbacks???

Just heard that Frank D'Angelo, President of Steelback Breweries, is interested in owning the 'Gades. He would sell a lot more of his beer here in Ottawa if he does. Opps....just saw this posted in the CFL talk section. I hope it's not just about free publicity.

The Ottawa Renegades may live to see another day just yet

TORONTO, April 13 /CNW/ - Frank D'Angelo, President and CEO of Steelback
Brewery and D'Angelo Brands, publicly announced his intentions to buy the
Ottawa Renegades today saving the beleaguered CFL club from gridiron
extinction. The move, touted by many as the only real viable offer put forth
since the Gleiberman's approached the League with their woes earlier this
year, is a good one for both D'Angelo and the Ottawa Renegades. Details are of course still being ironed out but D'Angelo says he feels confident that CFL football with be back with a vengeance in Ottawa in 2007.

"The CFL is part of our culture and heritage, it's an incredible game and
the Renegades are a team worth saving and keeping in the Capital. The city
deserves it, the fans deserve it. It's a win-win situation." Frank D'Angelo is
a big fan of the CFL, and he's proven it by sponsoring the Toronto Argonauts
for the past two years when some of the other bigger breweries walked away from the team. Some say the grassroots corporate sponsorships brands such as Steelback and D'Angelo Brands have brought to the Argonauts is what has restored some of the team's luster.

When asked if he would still support the Argonauts if he purchased the
Ottawa team he answered, "Absolutely, when we make a commitment we stick it.

Toronto, along with a few other resurgent CFL teams, has brought respect back to the CFL and we'd like to do that in Ottawa. There is a solid fan base in Ottawa and we'd like to bring them a team that they can be proud of."
Frank D'Angelo and the Steelback people have been contact with CFL
officials and will be meeting next week to discuss options.

Steelback Brewery is a private company based in Tiverton, Ontario where
it brews ten distinct brands of premium quality beer: Copperhead Pilsner,
Bruce Country Wild, Steelback Thunder, Steelback Silver, Steelback Red,
Tiverton Bear Honey Brown, Tiverton Bear Dark Lager, Chain, Link Light and
Tango. It is the first brewery in Canada to use innovative packaging methods
such as unbreakable bottles and large format cans with full "body sleeve"
labels. Available at The Beer Store.

D'Angelo Brands Ltd. is a private company committed to providing the
highest quality beverage and food products. Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, D'Angelo Brands offers a wide variety of beverages as well as private label and co-packaging services.

excellect, make some noise Ottawa, I wanna see 20,000 of u in 2007!

hope they keep the nickname though, but the team needs a new look like

  1. the old R helmets back
  2. Red and Gold
  3. History or the RR and Gades meaged.

Yup, if they can resuscitate a team for 2007 then I'll go to the games. The fans are here, just like they were always there in Hamilton and Toronto. I'm still a little PO'ed that the league didn't do more to save the franchise: they've basically bailed out every other team at some point in time (except the Eskimoes) but no, they can't bail out Ottawa. I'm also PO'ed at city council here too: no concessions whatsoever despite the fact that a going to a football game is a ritual of community spirit (and that came from a friend from Aylmer), an expensive stadium lease for a poorly maintained stadium tied in with a concession company that sucks rocks.

That being said, if they bring back the team, I'll go back to the games.

hope that there are 19,999 people like you in Ottawa, marcel!

I believe there is. More than that even. But some need an olive branch to bring them aboard. Merging the RR's history in the new team is a must to get those people aboard.

There's way more than that if it's done right.

Hopefully, the City's consession deal won't be a problem. Aramark uses Molson product's. I wonder how tailgating would be affected? The City would be getting a cut of sales of beer at the stadium. The fans would be tailgating with Steelback beer. Anyway, once it is a done deal, I'll switch to Steelback.

Look for someone better.........D'Angelo is a little off the wall.

That's probabaly why he's interested

Gold is not a colour that is associated with Ottawa football. The Black, Red & White is Ottawa football.

Senators have Gold on their unifroms, and do you guys really want to look like Calgary clones again in 2007???

the sens are not football though. when the rough riders had those red and gold uniforms before, it was so ugly. and in no sort of way were we ever calgary clones.

well that's my opinion.

I just like those old colors better, that's not a crime isn't it?

besides, if the CFL ever has more teams, like 12 or 20, colors aren't going to matter cuz some team will look like some other team (like San Diego and St. Louis in the NFL)

no big deal

rather see the historys of the Ottawa teams meaged together, and I wouldn't want Ottawa to win the GC if it was a HUGE deal to me.

No matter how you slice it, or what colours (Black, White and Red) the team wears, the CFL needs a team in Ottawa.

I am sick to death of the football situation in Ottawa. Please don't misunderstand. I love Canadian football, quirky rules and all. I grew up at Lansdowne Park watching the Rough Rider greats and not-so-greats. I mourned their demise and for those years that Ottawa had no CFL franchise I seldom paid any attention to the CFL at all. I was thrilled when the original Renegades ownership had the guts to bring football back. I bought seasons tickets and my son and I became dedicated followers of the game once again. It has never been lack of support that caused problems for Ottawa football teams. It has been a succession of mindless marketing blunders, absentee ownership, and inconceivably inept personnel decisions that have caused this latest sorry chapter in Ottawa football history. There is a lot of blame to go around. Misinformed arrogant spoiled rich boy owners, CFL governors who only see dollar signs attached to franchise fees and City of Ottawa bureaucrats and politicians who love the financial spin-offs of hosting Grey Cup games but can't spend a nickel on poor old Frank Clair stadium are all to blame. We Ottawa fans endure the insults hurled by bozos from coast to coast. We hear "move the team to Saska-friggin-toon" and "move the team to Halifax". Why don't we just move the team to Iqaluit. They'd never have to play a nighttime game in the summer! This is a message to potential owners. Ottawa fans want entertaining football. We want stable, rational ownership. We want a team to be part of the community. We've had it with senile general managers, cowboy boot freaks and beads-for-boobs promotions. Tom Wright did his best. There's no winning when you work for losers!

Gang, Let’s just hope it does come back with some qualified owner, that hires the right people to do the right jobs. We all love football we just hate the bullcrap. So I toast you all in hopes that 2007 brings us all back together again

With a name like D'Angelo, if u get the team you might as well sign him as a DB :slight_smile:

Man we may need him we have no players lefta s is

if the gades come back in 2010 to 2015 i can help the team out

after you play for the bombers, mate, then we'll trade you there or release you to go play there.