The Ottawa Red Blacks???

Welcome Back Ottawa, but with Ottawa's long awaited return to the CFL in 2014 it seems hilarious that the name they selected for the team is The Ottawa Red Blacks, you gotta be kidding me??

With so many other good names to call this team, with history and location and they pick this one, the media agrees and is climbing all over this name as I heard on talk radio yesterday Am 640 they think it's a joke but No apparently that will be the new name? The Mighty Ducks might even be an improvement, oh that's taken?

I know one thing for Sure when the Red Blacks play our Tiger-Cats next year they will be Black and Blue!!!

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats in 2013!!!

That name was bandied about on this forum some time ago and I thought the name was a joke or something. Can't believe anyone would name a professional team "Red Blacks". Does this have to do with the CFL logo being red and black or that their former colors were red and black. Maybe we should think about re-naming the Cats to the "Gold Blacks", or Saskatchewan the "Green Whites".

in 5 years, we will all be so used to the RedBlacks, we won't think it sounds funny anymore.

The Cincinatti Redlegs were referred to as the "Reds". The fans will probably refer to them as the Reds, just like the Bombers, the Cats, the Als, the Stamps, .. . Rouge et Noire has a nice ring to it en francais .

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Any name is better than having two teams called the Rough Riders. That was one of the main things Americans always brought up to make the CFL look silly.

Red Blacks is fine. It describes the teams main colour scheme throughout their history. There was one or two years in the 90's when they wore red and gold but it was short lives. It's when they had the lumberjack looking guy on the helmet.

Great name... great owners... great stadium.

Shame about the fans there. Very vitriolic. Uncomfortably so. Zero sense of humour.