The OTTAWA MEDIA is trying to drive CFL Football out of town

The OTTAWA MEDIA is trying to drive CFL Football out of town again! They started unfounded rumours about new Ottawa Renegades Head Coach John Jenkins, they criticise GM Forrest Gregg, and they pan every decision that the Gliebermans make.

These media guys tell us that they really loved former Renegades Head Coach Joe Paopao. I have been paying good money to see good football and Joe failed miserably. He should have been sacked at the end of last season (2004). He had a lousy offensive philosophy, always got out coached in the second half of most games; he had pets on the team that were never challenged by new players, and hired his incompetent buddies as coaches.

A new Dawn has risen in Ottawa. We now have something positive to look for. The Gliebermans are paying their bills and aren’t asking for any handouts like our old buddy ROD BRYDEN did for years! Remember the “BRYDEN BOWLS”? aka seemingly endless press conferences asking for handouts (restructuring, he called them). The media loved HOT ROD. I bet that the people who Rod stiffed for a pile of money to invest in the Senators don’t love him as much as the media!

JJ is here for the long-suffering OTTAWA FOOTBALL fans to begin enjoying the “GOOD TIMES”.

Cheers to the New Renegades Team!

Have you read the home page article on JJ? I doubt he will start off a good note in Ottawa...

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The Ottawa Media and all the Gades bashers anywhere are going to look like idiots should the Gliebermans, Jenkins and Company make the playoffs and go the GC at some point.
Fact is the Ottawa media are jealous of the class ownership groups in the other CFL cities and the fact that they had to rely on American money to keep a team there as the only person with the guts to spend money on sports there was Melynk and he took a little risk on an NHL team which is not as risky as a CFL team there.
Fact is, and I worked in Ottawa for a while, there is no one who is willing, like Bob Young here in Hamilton, from Ottawa who has the cash to put the work required into making the Gades a class and first rate organization. But then, we are talking about Ottawa - enough said.

I'm not a tried-and-true Gades supporter, although I like the team, and I by no means expect anyone to agree with my opinion. I'm positive that vincesport will certainly not. I look at this as one big debacle.....not looking forward to the upcoming season in Ottawa at all.....the way everything was done from the firing to the hiring is suspicious at's going to take a hell of a lot to change my perspective on this.....I know that the Gades fans will be there when this new coaching team fails, which they almost certainly will..... will take 2 minutes and thirty seconds of the first quarter for every team to figure out the JJ offense, even if the gades D is on the field for that 2:30 time span.......the run-and-shoot works GREAT during practice, against blocking dummies.........The only good to come out of this whole thing will be another team from the west playing Montreal or Toronto in the Eastern Semi '06........

While I wish Ottawa all sorts of success, I echo jm02's concerns. Things should have been handled better!

Why the run and shoot offense (been awhile since we heard that term)........I had to do a little digging myself to refresh my memory on it, didnt the CFL site say that JJ used it with the Argos back when they had Flutie and were unstoppable....

Taken from Tommy Browders Unofficial website of the run and shoot offense:

An offense that can allow a team with average talent to compete on a higher level and a team with good talent to become virtually unstoppable...

When it works it works great, but you still need to have the talent to make it work.....we will see if in two years the Renegades can make it work.

The Run and Shoot offence was developed by Glenn "Tiger" Ellingson back in the late 50's and brought into prominence by Mouse Davies at Portland State in the 70's. Since then every CFL team has some form of the Run and Shoot........nothing new.

The Ottawa media can kiss my butt.

did you see the pic of this new HC for Ottawa, what a nerd!

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and what is with the hair piece? I do like the color though, nice and GOLD!!!


Don't diss my city. :evil:

He looks like that guy in Queer Eye for the straight guy tv show... :lol:

YES HE DOES!!! :lol: LMAO!

Sorry supersmith, didn't mean to diss Ottawa but it is too bad, with all the other teams having Canadian owners that someone in Ottawa didn't believe in the CFL and their city that the Gades were worth investing in. I just think this is unfortunate. I give credit to the Gliebermans who see potential there and I expect that they will field a very competetive team, it was just time for Joe Paopao to leave and for them to start fresh.
Maybe the Gliebermans are the last of a dying breed, American owners in the CFL.

Woo Woo... Lets here it for Hamilton!!! Hey man, you need to check your sources... Bob Young lives most of the time in Raleigh, N.C. However, nice to see that he still calls Hamilton his home.

He was one of the lucky ones to took the Linux open source and packaged it into Red Hat... Don't image paying for something you can download for free. Michael Copeland tried the same with Corel Linux but wasn't nearly as successful.

Who do you suggest we call... Dan Aykroyd, or Alanis Morissette?

I've made a list of others for you to quote... Lets give them a call perhaps an ownership group...

Dan Aykroyd, actor, comedian (attended the Carleton University)
Paul Anka, singer
Margaret Atwood, writer
Derek R. Audette, artist, poet, musician
Billy Boucher, NHL hockey player
Rod Brind'Amour, NHL hockey player
Tom Cavanagh, actor
Sarah Chalke, actor
Catherine Clark, daughter of former PM Joe Clark
Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada
Bruce Cockburn, Singer
Tom Cruise, actor (lived briefly in Ottawa)
Clive Doucet, author, counsellor
Igor Gouzenko, Cold War Soviet defector (was posted in Ottawa)
Tom Green, comedian
Elisabeth Harvor, novelist
Jessica Holmes, actor, comedian
Peter Jennings, journalist (attended Carleton University and the University of Ottawa)
Yousuf Karsh, portrait photographer
David Knox, photographer
Rich Little, comedian
Peter Mansbridge, journalist
Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario (attended the University of Ottawa)
Alanis Morissette, singer/songwriter
Sandra Oh, actor (Nepean)
Jesse Palmer, NFL football player (born in Toronto, but grew up Nepean)
Matthew Perry, actor (lived briefly in Ottawa)
Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario
Nancy Greene Raine, olympic skiier
Shelagh Rogers, journalist
Alex Trebek, game show host (attended University of Ottawa)
Rick Vaive, NHL hockey player
Steve Yzerman, NHL hockey player (born in Cranbrook, B.C., but lists Nepean as hometown)

Dont get me started on the media.
I have little or no use for them.

Vincesport, you are so full of it, I wouldn't know where to begin - so I won't bother.

The Gliebermans are an embarrassment to the city of Ottawa and to the CFL.

No one will go to the "Gades" (what the hell is that, anyway?) games next year - they'll be lucky to get 5,000 fans a game, and their season-ticket base will be negligible - in the hundreds, not thousands.

There was no need to publicly embarrass Joe Paopao the way these idiots did.

I hope the team folds - the CFL would be MUCH better off without these buffoons......and I'm from Ottawa!


Oh man... I would see a joint venture Adrienne Clarkson - Igor Gouzenko... I think that's just what the Renegades need as far as owners go...

Didn't Adienne Clarkson want to donate a cup? Maybe she could take all those tax dollars and....never mind.... I'll get all worked up again.

Hey Elmer19, somebody said you were back, but this is the first of your posts I see. Still angry about everything as I can see...

As much as these guys are clowns and despite the earlier promises, they have not learned from previous mistakes. Having said that, WHERE ARE THE HELL LOCAL OWNERS?