The other Porter...

While Daniel Porter did not have many touches last night, his KR average was impressive with 4 returns for 89 yds (22.3yd avg.)
And lest we not forget, DP had a 7.0 yd avg. per carry rushing last season with the Esks and more importantly, ZERO fumbles.

This kid, who just turned 24, is going to be a bright star for the Cats for many years to come, whether at RB, KR or PR.

In my honest yet sometimes idiotic opinion. :wink:

If you're gonna keep two import RBs, I'd keep Cobourne and Grant.

But having 3 great starting running backs for next season, not a bad problem to have. If you can only keep two, then you have trade material for something you're short of like OL personnel that can block for the running game.

Same with the secondary, beginning of the year couldn't find good starters, now we have a surplus. We have extras to trade for inside DL personnel that can stop the run and get to the quarterback.

I don't care what anybody says, Obie is a great shopper. Two examples of how he has stocked our shelves for now and the future.

granted, Colbourne is an excellent player, however he will be 33 before next season starts while Grant will be 25 and Porter still 24 years old.
It may be wise to keep Colbourne for one more season (contract is up then anyway)as a mentor to these kids in order to further their development and ensure a solid RB/TB tandem with Grant and Porter for many years to come.

Porter is also quite versatile, admirably filling in at RB/KR/PR as well as some pass catching and thus a gem for the Cats.

Just imagine the outcome IF the OLine could actually block for the run.

If we did, we'd probably still have a running back with a first name ending in an apostrophe. :expressionless:

The O-line can’t help if apostrophe guy keeps tripping over his own shoelaces though… :wink:

Not how I remember it. I remember him running into the butts of the O-line, then trying to take it outside where there was no blocking.

Cobourne seemed to do a bit better at making the best of small seams early in the season, but once Hage was injured, he found fewer seams to squeeze through.

that too. :slight_smile:

I've never seen a back so sheepish when confronted with a decent D-line.
He reminded me of a student to afraid to raise his arm to ask a question in class. :?

He wasn't all bad though... but the yards he gained were usually non crucial yards.

Most here know Grant is a very good football player but with that type of injury we can't tell if he will fully recover to his speedy past so having the other Porter around is very good insurance for the team. Lets hope Grant can recover completely.