The Other Hamilton vs Ottawa Game

So there is another Hamilton vs Ottawa game this weekend a bit closer to home.

JOIN YOUR 'DOGS for a Hamilton vs Ottawa weekend! The Bulldogs will be hosting a rally in support of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Saturday's game vs. the Ottawa 67's! Fans are encouraged to wear black and gold Ticats colours to show their support for Sunday's CFL East Final game in Ottawa.

Sorry Jeff Hunt, we're looking to give you a rough weekend.

Sorry to burst your bubble there Hammer but that would be the OSHAWA 67s - NOT Ottawa - and I'm not even hockey fan!

eh? Hammer is right. It is the Ottawa 67's. Oshawa's team are the Generals.

Could be a good night, might make it a point to go to my first game of the OHL version of the Bulldogs. didn't...and it certainly shows you're not a hockey fan.

I'm guessing you've never been to TD Place before, they have the Ottawa Fury and 67's logo all over the place.

Sorry you're absolutely right but I even checked out the Bulldogs schedule before posting and I'm pretty sure it had Oshawa - unless of course my eyesight is going! :lol:
Guess I shouldn't be acting like the OTTRBs and shooting my mouth off so fast! :oops: :lol:

Nope haven't been to Ottawa in years so certainly haven't seen TDP. Still need to make my first trip to THF- I HOPE for sure next season.

They are playing Oshawa tonight in Oshawa, that may be why. This is for tomorrow, Saturday Nov 21st

That is exactly what happened - looked at tonight's game instead of tomorrow nights game! And I heard about the rally at the home game tomorrow too. Must remember to put my brain in gear before engaging my mouth (or keyboard!) next time!

Hamilton Bulldogs ?@BulldogsOHL 7h7 hours ago
The 'Dogs are @ home TONIGHT vs the 67's! Ticats Rally starting @ 6pm w/ $3 beers.

Alright, the Bulldogs won it 4-2! That's the first step in ruining Jeff Hunt's weekend, now onto the RedBlacks!