The other Dickenson Named ST CO.

Everyone know Calgary OC and former CFL QB Dave dickenson but less know craig Dickenson A CFL special Teams coordinator Guru.
While jones has swiped several Argo assts to come with him. Look for Dickenson and the Special teams to carry the Esks early while the O and D settle in. Chris Jones knows talent and that talent will be put to good use with Dickenson runing the show.
Dickenson had it tough last year with a less talented roster in Winnipeg but what he did have he put to good use.
Headed by starting MLB henoc Muamba the coverage team teamates followed. after struggling for the right returner he did manage to plug the right guy in on Kick offs in Wil Ford.
In 2012 in Regina was the orchestra of rookie SAM Hurl and the Canadian Hairforce coverage units.